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Melvia Powell of Kimesville rediscovered her original copy of the Greensboro Daily News heralding the moon landing when she was cleaning out her basement last fall.

Michael R. Hodgson had tears in his eyes as he watched Neil Armstrong step from the bottom step of the Lunar Excursion Module.

The epic landing of Apollo 11 on the surface of the moon — witnessed by more than 600 million people in grainy black-and-white video — had a special meaning for Hodgson.

At 30 years old, he was one of the lead engineers for the Ground Support Equipment at North American Aviation, which supported the spacecraft Environmental Control System, in Florida.

“At that moment, my thoughts were focused on the monumental event being witnessed by millions of people around the world,” recalls Hodgson, who lives in Greensboro. “I was also acutely aware of the critical tasks still to be performed before the crew safely returned home.”

Frank Thiery also had his eye on the Lunar Module.

He worked on a Grumman Aerospace team that made parts for the module.

“Since he was working the night shift, Frank and his co-workers viewed the moon landing on televisions provided by Grumman in their respective departments,” emailed his widow, Eileen Thiery of Stokedale. Frank died in 2014.

Other local residents recall watching history unfold that night.

“I remember being glued to our color TV at home and being a little disappointed that the moon landing feed was in black and white,” recalls Chris Malone of Jamestown, who was 12 at the time. He later got to meet two of his astronaut heroes.

Steven Sund, then 16, got fired from his fast-food job because he ditched a work shift to watch the landing. He doesn’t regret it.

And Melvia Powell of Kimesville still has her original copy of the Greensboro Daily News heralding the moon landing. It was tucked away for posterity and rediscovered when she was cleaning out her basement last fall.

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