SW Guilford football players

Dillon Murray (from left), Jacob Stiltz, Coach Charles Doak, Jacob Smith and Tyquan Thea helped move a very heavy generator for resident D.V. Townsend.

I was at my wits end. I had a 550-pound generator from Generac Co. Upon its arrival, I was stunned at the weight. Then, when Piedmont Gas inspected the new generator for hookup, they would not hook it up.

Seems like there is a law requiring it to rest on solid support, brick-like. Otherwise, they would not connect. I called the Employment Security Commission and then had another idea. I had been very successful as a football quarterback in Fayetteville years ago. In fact, I had a football grant to play for Wake Forest.

So, I called the principal of Southwest Guilford High School in High Point and floated the idea.

The principal thought, then responded, “We want to be good citizens. Our players and school supporters back us all the time. Let me switch you to football coach (Charles) Doak, and let’s see if he has suggestions.”

He did. During a study hall period, he brought four of his key lineman to my home. The project of the four was to lift the 550-pound generator so I could pull the pallet out from under the generator. Both me and Coach Doak did some “coaching” to the young men. “Lift with your legs, not with your arms,” etc.

In five minutes, they had lifted the heavy generator up high enough for me to yank the wooden pallet out from below. Then they placed the huge unit exactly on the 12-inch bricks below. Job well done. Community spirit exhibited.

Coach Doak said, “It is our pleasure to help supporters and community where ever we can. The principal and I have a philosophy which says ‘We want to raise productive members and student athletes. Our community is us.’ ”

Thanks, coach. Job well done.

D.V. Townsend

High Point

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