This old-school recipe redefines pesto you might be used to making or buying. Its liquid component is a quick broth instead of oil, which extracts maximum flavor from the shellfish and keeps the dish light-tasting.

It also affords a good opportunity to use up any leftover amounts of dried pasta shapes you have on hand — all that nubbiness works nicely with the shrimp.

In testing, we used raw almonds per the original recipe; if you would rather not end up with bits of almond skin in your pesto, use whole blanched almonds or almond slivers. We recommend using cherry tomatoes here rather than grape tomatoes, because they are juicier.

The dish is a good one to make for folks in a household who eat at different times, because it tastes as great at room temperature as it does warm. Take leftovers to work the next day, and be sure to stir them up first to get all the bits evenly re-coated.

Serve with a green salad.

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