There’s always a second stomach for something sweet, and of course, that doesn’t change when confronted with the feasting that will happen come Passover. So, what are you going to make? We’ve gathered some Passover-friendly recipes sure to be a hit.

Key Lime Pie: This pie is beyond delicious with a nutty crust and a toasty meringue on top. While the method of making the custard might seem odd, as you’ll get chunks of curd forming in the mix as it cooks, don’t worry — just follow the directions and it’ll turn out perfectly.

Chocolate Almond Tweed Torte: This light flourless cake is packed with chocolate flavor. You can make it up to three days ahead and focus on the rest of your Passover spread.

Blueberry Pie: A pie for Passover? Why not, especially when the crust is not only holiday appropriate, but also gluten free! Think of this crust as a blank slate to whatever celebration you’re planning and feel free to mix up your fillings: maybe swap out some of the blueberries for peaches, or even apples.

Mocha Chip Meringues: Take your meringues to the next level with a hit of espresso and chocolate chips. No need to fuss over the form; they’ll be devoured in no time.

Chickpea Cookies: Grab your cookie cutter and press out your favorite shapes: flowers, hearts, whatever you’re feeling! If pressing out cookies feels like too much work, just roll these melt-in-your mouth treats into little balls.

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