Julie Peeples


The money is a nice perk but of course it isn’t really about the money. Well, OK, that doesn’t hurt. But I’ve paid my dues, haven’t I? I was right there with him, day in and day out until he started going out of his way to include those ... well, those others. Drug dealers and rapists from what I hear. Terrorists.

There he was just last week mixing with some of them at that refugee center in El Paso. Before that he was preaching about setting the people in Stewart Detention Center free. How crazy is that? Didn’t go over so well with the powers that be, let me tell you! They started plotting right then and there how to get rid of him.

He knows what he’s doing, too. Got the lame-stream media on his side when he showed up at Lebauer Park and met with the families of people who’ve been picked up by ICE in the recent raids. The kids were climbing in his lap and asking why somebody took their daddies away.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he took the bus out to the apartments at Cone and Summit, started blessing everybody and telling them stories from when his family had been refugees in Egypt.

Then he went with some of them to the Mosque for Friday prayers. The last straw was when he showed up at that fancy church convention at the coliseum wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. He clearly doesn’t understand how religion works in this country.

I’ve had it with all this “love your neighbor,” weak-kneed sentimental stuff. We need to watch out for our own. More money for the military and less for those who don’t pull their own weight. More walls, less hand-wringing about diversity and tolerance and other such nonsense.

Wait, where are they taking him? I thought they’d just interrogate him, maybe rough him up a little. But they’re putting him in a cage, beating him. Surely his inner circle and his fanatic followers will come to his defense, surely they’ll speak up and put a halt to this! Where are they? If I speak up now, it will cost me.

I ... I didn’t expect this. If they can come for him like that, they can come for my friends, my family. They can come for me. What’s that those soldiers standing over there are saying? They’re pointing at me, saying something. Something about those others ...

Editor's note: Eyewitnesses reported that Judas threw down the coins and fled the scene.

Julie Peeples, who is always ready for a good folk or bluegrass concert or a hike in the woods, is the pastor of Congregational United Church of Christ.

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