After weeks of being drilled to insensibility with the dubious dealings men and women are capable of, the article about political comers (Commentary, Nov. 18) was a ray of sunshine.

Before this, readers were treated to a catharsis of multiple sensations: an infamous grandmotherly poisoner was publicly fattened up for a holiday hanging. Headlines told of a well-heeled vanilla rock duo who succumbed to ``dishonest' entertainment, demonstrating that they were only slavish epigones of the mediocre and greedy superstars of modern life.A royalty-besotted pharmacy assistant impersonating a baron managed to hoodwink, and gain the wrath of, those who fervently wanted to believe he was the real McCoy.

Yet another of those books low-grade quidnuncs seemingly crave so much, something called American Psycho (depicting additional ways the fairer sex may be ingeniously dehumanized), had its publication date temporarily stalled so that its potential public could be profitably swollen (the reason your book editor brought it up remains a mystery).

But after all that, good was exemplified in a heart-sustaining article about 10 people who are needed in active politics. They were a splendid group of individuals focused primarily on personal convictions of vital significance to the true welfare of our nation, who have galvanized themselves into action rather than be content with parlor politics.

One woman invested her life savings to provide a place for the dispossessed; another operates learning institutes in the inner city of New York. These people represent remarkable models for everyone. Amos Johnson Greensboro

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