January is a tough time to get aggressive about a job search that got stalled back in November, but it’s the right time to re-start your engines. What can you do that you’ve not already done? Get back to basics.

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Most job seekers have a separation story that would make a clown cry. And, it is told far too often when the seeker is given the opportunity. Thereby shrinking the possibility of a friend or stranger wanting to know more about how to help in the job search.

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One day, after school, parents thronged a hallway at Walt Whitman Middle School in northern Virginia, plucking sweet potatoes, green beans, rice and whole frozen chickens from tables and bins. It was a week before Thanksgiving.

With 8 more shopping days left until Christmas, how many of us have already spent more money than we wanted or really needed to spend? Let’s pause for a moment, and instead of spending money let’s spend some time considering a couple of the best gifts we can give and receive this holiday season.

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