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Most job seekers have a separation story that would make a clown cry. And, it is told far too often when the seeker is given the opportunity. Thereby shrinking the possibility of a friend or stranger wanting to know more about how to help in the job search.

With 8 more shopping days left until Christmas, how many of us have already spent more money than we wanted or really needed to spend? Let’s pause for a moment, and instead of spending money let’s spend some time considering a couple of the best gifts we can give and receive this holiday season.

Job hunters get all kinds of advice, wanted and unwanted, on what to do and how to do it. Sometimes they listen and learn, and sometimes they tune out, thinking they have it under control. Sometimes the reticent and reserved say too little and are too easily forgotten. Sometimes the affable,…

HERSHEY, Pennsylvania — On a stage in a conference hall in central Pennsylvania, at least 14,000 years after humans domesticated wolves into dogs, Milena Kon was turning a dog into a gazelle. And an elephant. And a lion. And a giraffe.

Most job seekers dread making calls to strangers to get an informational interview. There are numerous reasons as to why the fear is there. And it is real. However, if all factors were considered, the fear can be reduced significantly.

Gratitude is a powerful quality that can truly enhance our wellbeing. When we express and practice gratitude, we are focused on the goodness in our lives. Focusing on the good always works in our favor.

Anais Garcia, 21, anxiously stares at the menu of a Bob Evans restaurant in Baltimore. Her dark brown eyes gravitate toward the Fit and Healthy section, which lists calories per meal. She takes a long time figuring out what to order and decides to go with her “safe meal,” a small stack of pa…

You’ll have an opportunity to speak with a variety of recruiters from a variety of companies that are looking for a variety of individuals who have the potential to meet their employment needs. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, give answers, and tell your story: what you’re lookin…

Whether we are searching for a new job, seeking a more meaningful life or trying to find our purpose, there are strategies available to help us along the way. The following five strategies mirror the five chapters in my book, Inspired by the WOW Moments of Life.

Getting from where we are to where we want to be is both exciting and challenging at times. Sometimes we spend so much time and energy thinking about all the steps in between that we exhaust ourselves before we really even begin. Then, we feel stuck and can’t quite seem to move forward.