To the editor:

I would like to remind my fellow hunters that there are many small things we must do to make our sport more enjoyable and acceptable to the many non-hunters we know. Obey all the laws concerning hunting hours, bag limits and private property. Be courteous to the landowners who allow us to use their land. Don't litter; respect the landowners' requests; close gates and don't damage fences or buildings. And help the game wardens by reporting poaching and other violations of the game laws. These lawbreakers and slob hunters only destroy the sport for all of us. And above all, be safety-conscious. One accident does more damage to our reputation than anything else.And to the non-hunters, and those self-styled ecological preservationists who hate hunters, remember this: If it were not for the sport hunters of this nation there would be no wildlife for us all to enjoy today. The funds of sport hunters are what saved wildlife, wetlands and the forests from destruction. No wild species has ever been destroyed by sport hunters (as opposed to the market hunter and subsistence hunters of earlier days). Wildlife today is threatened by urban development, pollution, modern farming practices, overpopulation (of both men and the animals themselves), not by sport hunters. T. Lee Harrison Randleman

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