It just so happened that the day D.G. Greene wrote in to voice a negative opinion about the Greensboro Hornets Baseball Club (July 18), Brian Faw, one the Hornets' top pitchers, came out to visit our 22 day campers at Bur-Mil Park. After pitching the night before and going to the doctor early that morning, Faw found the time, patience and courtesy to volunteer to meet with our kids.

D.G. Greene, let me ask you one question: Would you have come out to meet with our campers if you had just come off a long road trip filled with 10-hour days?The Hornets play weeks at a time, with no days off. They are at the ballpark from 2 p.m. until 11-12 at night.

It is a team policy for the players not to sign autographs during play. They have a job to do and must focus on that job. Instead, if you catch them at any other time, as our campers did, any of the players would have been more than happy to oblige their fans.

I might add that the July 18 appearance was not the only time the Hornets took time out of their busy schedules to volunteer at the park.\ Cheryl Whalen\ Greensboro

The writer is director of Bur-Mil Day Camp. Her letter was accompanied by letters of appreciation for the Hornets from a half-dozen day campers.

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