These business licenses were issued by the city of High Point from Dec. 8-14.

DEC. 8* JP Looneys, 3793-165 Samet Drive; beer on premises, beer off premises, wine on premises, wine off premises.

* Monsters Ink, 2306 S. Main St.; service-oriented business.

* Tri County Auto Repair, 2400 Westchester Drive; auto service, retail.

DEC. 9

* Bodet and Horst USA LP, 1150 Silver Court; manufacturer or processor.

* JMC Handyman, 213 Pine Ridge Drive; service-oriented business.

* La Playita, 1642 S. Main St.; restaurant, sundries, soft drinks, tobacco products.

* Rockbeatspaper LLC, 1225-2A Glenstone Trail, service-oriented business.

* Thurmo-sleep USA Inc., 335 S. Main St.; sales support, office, warehouse.

* Tri County Chatter, 2710 Westchester Drive; service-oriented business.

DEC. 10

* Davidson Beauty Supply, 1116-109 Eastchester Drive; merchant, retail.

* Mann Pet Care, 730 Forrest St.; service-oriented business.

* P K Electronic Music, 3136-108 E. Kivett Drive; merchant, retail.

* Rebecca's Gifts and Consignment, 1701-550 Westchester Drive; transfer.

DEC. 13

* JJD Express, 2420 Schirra Place; service-oriented business.

* Loftgoods, 1014 Mill Ave.; sales support, office, warehouse, merchant, retail.

* Loftgoods, 2638-102 Willard Dairy Road; merchant, wholesale.

DEC. 14

* Discount Tire Company, 4025 Precision Way; auto service, retail.

* Electrical Panels and Controls, 645 McWay Drive; manufacturer or processor.

* Eloise's Piano Studio, 4626 Village Square Court, Greensboro; service-oriented business.

* Hasan Consulting Services, 159-C W. Hartley Drive; service-oriented business.

* Japee's Reflection, 126-103 Greensboro Road; merchant, retail.

* Superior seating Inc., 2228 Shore St.; manufacturer or processor.

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