Property transfers

The amounts listed on the transactions below represent $2 per $1,000 based on the purchase price of the property.BRUCE TOWNSHIP

Calmit Properties to White Wolf Custom Builders, lot Providence North, $68

Perennial Building Corp. to David and Linda Polunas, lot Covington, $730

Dwight W. and Wendy Fletcher to Chandrashekhar R. and Pallavi Jakati, lot Wilson Farms, $580

Larry and Yun Cha Gritton to Betty McMurtry, lot Spotswood Road, $190

Val Boston III and Kay L. Nichols Boston to Clancy C. and Hyang-Sam Mun Laizure, lot Wilson Farm, $610


New Fortis Corp. to Suzanne Kreiser, lot Brightwood Farm, $335

New Fortis Corp. to Elizabeth Rose Franklin, lot Brightwood Farm, $463

Disney Construction to John E. and Judith A. Auger, lot Quail's Nest, $620

J.E.B. Construction to Bhushan D. Hardas, lot Alley Road, $1,010

New Fortis Corp. to Robert and Nancy Diciolla York, lot Brightwood Farms, $376

New Fortis Corp. to Kevin and Jill Rock, lot Brightwood Farms, $413


New Fortis Corp. to Barry S. and Wanda W. Swain, lot Weatherstone, $565

Johnny Lee and Tina D. Peeden to James H. Carter Jr. and Cornelia L. Carter, lot Olde Forest, $520

Summerdale Development to Adam Blane Robertson and Roger B. Robertson, lot Forest Oaks North, $105

Joseph and Trudy Jo Loftis Dillard to Kevin G. Luther, lot Dusten Road, $318


Helen Jarrett Grady to Archie L. and Faye W. Saunders, lot Talbot Road, $190

Redwolf Development to Ronald Edward and Rebecca B. Moore, lot Forest Oaks, $53

LaSalle Bank to Walter S. Warsing III, lot E. R. Tucker, $180

Joel and Simone Liebling to Shannon A. Hale, lot Hamilton Woods, $192


Janie Bondurant Robinson to Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, lot Mountain View Road, $44

Tracy Ray and Kimberly Morgan to James M. and Frances M. Robertson, lot Cardinal Manor, $276

Jock P. and Cheryl B. Ollis to Kimberly R. Yates, lot Cardinal Manor, $362

Ann F. Talbert to Jock P. and Cheryl B. Ollis, lot Old Acre Ridge, $475

Steven M. Yacono to Pamela Church Hall, lot Hidden Oaks, $274


Ray Von and Mary J. Craig to Jessica N. Mabe, lot J. E. McKnight estate, $112

Windsor Investments to Tamika M. Williams, lot Briarmeade, $304

A. C. Jones to Gary A. and Sherri N. Simon, lot Weston Woods, $240

Bluegrass-Residential Builders to Heather C. White and James Edward Loftis III, lot Southside Traditional Neighborhood, $473

Wade Jurney Homes to Mark and Molly Lieberman, lot Hidden Forest, $320

Wade Jurney Homes to John Ossy Okonji Sr., lot White Chapel, $211

New Fortis Corp. to Theresa Anne Erickson, lot Dover Villas, $195

New Fortis Corp. to Cassandra W. Headen, lot Carriage Woods, $281


John R. and Georgia Reaves to Marcus W. and Cynthia P. Skipworth, lot Alamance County Line Road, $240


A. K. B. Homebuyers to Emanuel B. and Judith I. Dixon, lot Idol Street, $237

Philip A. and Kimberly S. Geiss to Cheyenne S. Roach, lot Trappers Run, $262

Huntley Homes to Michael j. DeLille, lot Camden Park, $596

Danny L. and Terri C. Marshall to Benito D. Cervantes, lot R. J. Hunt property, $94

Shugart Enterprises to Keith M. Holliday, lot Castle Pines, $244

Charles H. Pearson to John M. Dunning IV and Lisa B. Dunning, lot Gables, $488

Eastwood Construction to Jessie O. Porter, lot Burton Run, $286

Eastwood Construction to Homer H. Smith Jr. and Suzan P. Smith, lot Burton Run, $305

Shugart Enterprises to Jacqueline C. Brown, lot Castle Pines, $238

John James and Laura R. Bartlett to Jorge P. and Maria I. Amador, lot Bent Tree/Sevron Oaks, $430

Allen Marcus Wood, executor, to Sylvia Smith Cates, lot Deerfield Townhomes, $236

Sylvia S. Cates to Derek J. and Francis A. McRae, lot Oak Hollow Estates, $372

Priority Trustee Services to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, lot Hillsdale, $78

Milenko and Snjezana Boskovic to Irma Elizabeth Zimmerman, lot Eastover Park, $250

Fountain Grove to Ryland Group, lot Fountain Grove, $282

Old South Home to Richard John Francis, lot Elms at Broadstone, $174

Old South Home to Aristides and Carmen Lopez, lot Broadstone Village, $278

Jeffrey A. and Deborah S. Dalzell to James Michael and Tanya E. Burt, lot Ashley Park, $280

Wilhelmina Carter Loflin to Victor Antonio and Anna B. Vargas Rivera-Cruz, lot Brentwood, $122

CitiFinancial Mortgage to Ma de Jesus Murilla Vazquez, lot Kivett Drive East, $100

M.D.C. Homes to Darren L. and Renae K. Jones, lot Meadow Creek, $402

American General Financial to Ralph Harper and Milton H. Harper, lot Wiltshire, $150

Salvatore and Marie A. Santora to Peter J. Jugis, lot Blairwood Estates, $416

National City Mortgage to Traci S. Becton, lot Commons at River View Condos, $140

Ashton Kendale LLC to Thomas M. Biagioli, lot Ashton Oaks, $118

Ryland Group to Hiep Tran and Trang Tran, lot Village of Fountain Grove Townhomes, $228

Michael D. and Susan R. Samuel to Mohammad Osman Nezami, lot Dave Baker property, $380

Windsor Investments to Constance L. Evans, lot Deep River Farm, $401

Jeff D. Rogers, substitute trustee, to BB&T, lot College Heights, $80

Alma Y. Hamlin to Rezvanieh Eghrari Collestan and Ala Balsam Collestan, lot Market Center Towers, $168

Allan S. and Charity McKenzie to Cheryl D. Benson, lot Reddick property, $180

Eastwood Construction to Tina D. McManus, lot Burton Run, $226

Eastwood Construction to Sylvia J. Minor, lot Burton Run, $302

Johnson Family Trust to A. K. B. Homebuyers, lot Colony Park, $250

John L. Hamilton Jr. and Dana L. Hamilton to Jose G. Ybarra, lot Jordan and Blair, $310

Ricky Thomas and Kristina M. Garner to Brenda Hinkle Smith and Deborah H. Hamblen, lot Tanyard Oaks, $225

William A. Sizemore to City of High Point, lot Mendenhall property, $106

David W. Neill, substitute trustee, to Bank of New York, lot Farmington Forest, $134

Clayton P. and Debbie B. Austin to Kenneth E. Trotter, lot King Lands, $60

Robert and Mary Belle Jordan to Harvey Eugene Causey, lot David H. Baker property, $50

Ryland Group to Milenko Boskovic and Snjezana Boskovic, lot Fountain Grove, $372

John Kavanagh Co. to Linda F. Creamer, lot Sunset Hollow, $297

Joyce Gregory, executrix, to Harold and Benita Mercer, lot Blairwood, $108

Beazer Homes Corp. to Michael A. Fischer, lot Tarrant Trace, $305

Beazer Homes Corp. to Peter J. and Cathy Hatzi, lot Tarrant Trace, $208

Lapsley Walker Hamblen III and Deborah H. Hamblen to John H. and Jane M. Guthrie, lot Cherokee Hills, $270

Eastwood Construction to Mark M. and Elizabeth Jarrett, lot Avalon, $310

Scaria I. Thomas and Molly T. Pathrose to Jose Angel and Herlinda P. Atilano-Ruiz, lot Williamsburg West, $244

Stephen Wayne and Daisy B. Quick to Randolph and Leola Houston, lot Ty Circle Properties, $122

Eric E. and Patricia M. Garner to Robert T. and Jeanette M. Ferguson, lot Fieldcrest, $274


Charlotte Anderson Clark to Robert P. and Merlyn O. Schultheis, lot Quarterpath Trace, $310

Ronald G. and Vicki K. Evers to William R. and Theresa A. Ham, lot Wiley Park, $292

Carl W. and Heather L. Mentz to Cecile Y. Simmons, lot Lakeside Townhomes, $239

George R. Edwards to Dwayne and Carrie Tripp, lot Bales Chapel Road, $420

James F. Morgan, administrator to Stacy E. Hudson, lot Elsiewood, $300

Parker and Orleans Homebuilders to Leroy A. Calder III and Heather M. Calder, lot Jamestown Oaks, $478


Rafael Valderramas and Blanca Garza to Minerva Senez, lot McConnell Road, $60

D. R. Horton Inc. to Jerry R. and Sandra G. Blakney, lot Birch Creek Ridge, $320

Margaret D. Rollins to June A. Kroll and Ernesto Valdez, lot Longmorn Village, $337

Norris W. and Nelsonya C. McAdoo to Linda H. Staples, lot Imperial Estates, $260

Thomas L. and Cathy O. West to Jose N. and Alba I. Garay, lot Englewood Forest, $230

Alan B. Powell, substitute trustee, to Household Realty Corp., lot Edgewood Terrace Road, $89

New Fortis Corp. to Samuel K. and Burma J. Shimpan Apeagyei, lot Trinity Lake, $654


H. Terry Hutchens, substitute trustee, to Green Tree Servicing, lot Blakesville Estates, $355

Cheryl A. Johnson to Paula K. Hill, lot Pine-ridge, $198

Laurel Ridge Properties to John D. and Jennifer M. Mullins, lot Big Oak, $270

Calvert R. Bryant III and Renee Bryant to Jonathan Eric Hill and Karin R. Lohr, lot Country Hills Estates, $332


William H. and Char A. Lee to Cleo Edward Land Jr. and Nancy K. Land, lot Moss Creek, $100

Triple Lakes Developers to Richard Wilson Roper, lot Triple Lakes, $170

Delond and Delores W. Parker to Robin W. Crite, lot Yanceyville Road, $36

Robert Andrew and Ashley C. Fenley to Zachary T. Whitt, lot Beville Forest, $270

Ernest R. and Shirley L. Harrington to Dennis A. and Ruby T. Moore, lot Summit Lakes, $716

Brent Coleman Construction to Christopher E. and Victoria W. Hicks, lot Kelly's Crossing, $48


Leonia P. Hedrick to Betty Ann Bennett, lot Holden Village, $138

Edward Earl Horton Jr. and Susan P. Horton to Joan I. Kimrey, lot Oak Ridge Meadows, $282

Cynthia A. Lowdermilk, administratrix, to Martin Troy Priede, lot Random Woods, $132

Jerry L. and Caline D. Anderson to Nancy W. Seifert-Sauers, lot Richland Creek/The Bluffs, $715

John David and Lois B. Steed to Prudential Residential Services, lot Grandover, $1,254

Prudential Residential Services to Duane Crenshaw, lot Grandover, $1,254

Daniel B. and Patricia E. Bain Watkins to Lynn Whelan and Anthony Scott Crawford, lot Westmeade, $243

Helene F. Cestone to Lisa M. Parks, lot North Hills, $270

J. Kenneth and Vivian B. Thomas to Lee A. and Joan M. Edwards, lot Rollingwood Road, $582

Centex Homes to Brian Keith and Jennifer L. Ulrich, lot Spencer's Trace, $672

Mark A. and Christa Wykoff to Mark H. and Heather N. Setzler, lot Adams Farm/Autumn Woods, $373

Semper Homes to James E. and Susan G. Cox, lot Friendly Oaks/Weston, $220

Christopher Paul and Suzanne M. Haynes to Lam Q. and Kim Ha Thi Luu Pham, lot Pilot's Ridge, $316

Joseph E. Morris, executor, to Garald B. and Deanna L. Cottrell, lot Market Street West, $750

Julia B. Cox to Roger D. and Diana K. Byrd, lot Guilford Hills, $162

Old South Home to Karl L. and Shquita U. Hooker, lot Storrington, $281

Roy C. Scruggs Jr. and Christine M. Scruggs to Erik Osmar Enrica and Elda Rocio Neyra-Gorrita, lot Beechcroft, $260

Millican Construction to James D. and Jamie E. Braxton, lot Howard's Walk, $580

Robert and Christy Millican to Millican Construction, lot North Beech, $159

Paul J. and Alma M. Greene to George P. Kourtsounis, lot Cedar Fork Street, $24

James W. Bass Jr. and Ruth A. Bass to Mekeia D. Harris, lot Rolling Roads, $240

Karing Construction to Dennis M. Robertson, lot Maury Springs, $223

ReloAction to Maureen Caudill, lot Green Valley, $470

R. Holt Foushee, executor to John W. Archer Jr. and Linda W. Archer, lot Pinecroft, $580

ANMMB and Associates to Robert K. and Ann Y. Liauw, lot Somerset Village, $160

Traci Harrington Dye, executrix, to Beth Ann Harrington, lot Francisco Place, $200

H. Thomas and Kathy P. Meech to Star-mount Residential, lot Wedgewood, $570

Capital Realty Associates to Hispanos Inc., lot A. W. Holmes property, $22

Precept Construction to Daniel Clark Geddie Jr. and Mina G. Geddie, lot Friendly Acres, $580

Elbert W. and Jacquelyn M. Farlow to Hunt Investments of North Carolina, lot Farlow property, $345

Paul Douglas Matheny Jr. and Victoria J. Matheny to Jamaica D. Pickett, lot Kildare Woods, $352

Precept Construction to Gregory W. Pearman, lot Highland Meadows, $527

Ernest A. Knight Jr. to Nancy H. Neese, lot Guilford Hills, $230

Jeffrey R. Falcone and Stacie Ann Powers to Stephanie Joy Goodman and Charles V. Hesman, lot Saddle Creek, $356

Willie D. and Angie R. Pittman to Eliot L. Flacks, lot Brackenlake Townhomes, $168

S. S. B. Properties to Natasha N. Springs, lot Bellwood Village, $210

Adam and Mary M. Casper to Billy M. and Viola S. Britt, lot Maple Ridge, $176

Dennis Sosebee Custom Homes to Michael J. McAdam, lot Fleming Meadows, $668

Portrait Homes Construction to Jean Brandenburg, lot Coble Farm, $310

Windsor Investments to Piter and Natalia Peranginangin Sitepu, lot Overland Park, $344

J. Leon and Roberta J. Johnson to William A. and Doris D. Vincent, lot W.O. Stratford, $60

David Allen and Kathryn W. Broach to Kalm Kalem, lot Greenfield, $220

Geoffrey Wall and Ronald Platt to Peter and Anne Schroth, lot North Park, $564

Debra Reynolds King and Harold Maurice Reynolds Jr. to C. F. Properties, lot Lovett Street, $18

Richard W. Smith Inc. to Prashanth K. and Amritha Karkera, lot Highland Meadows, $452

Portrait Homes to David L. Winston Jr., lot McAlister Place, $187

Barbara Williams Hudson to Chubbs LLC, lot Kings Forest, $133

Pierce Homes to Hope D. Baldivino, lot Friendly Plantation Condos, $176

Randy M. and Mandy S. Rolls to Jennifer Kate Landry, lot Sunset Hills Condos, $130

Rodjer L. Bourn Sr. and Nancy J. Bourn to Shawn Gerald Orman and Charles Shane Alexander, lot Bailey property, $100

Edward G. and Jody M. Echols to Forrest L. Collier IV, lot Irving Park, $950

Charles Dean Bottomley Sr. to Sandor and Sheila C. Deli, lot Oaks West, $244

BB&T to Aldrige Dillard, lot Holden Farms, $231

Margaret P. Jessup and Rebecca Lynn Jessup to Clifton H. and Ione M. Carter, lot Somerset Village Condos, $152

Portrait Homes Construction to Marguerite M. Thompson, lot Montibello, $476

Portrait Homes to Samuel Popkin, lot McAlister Place, $236

Linda S. Meyer to TransferEEZ Real Estate Trust, lot Sunset Hills, $448

TransferEEZ Real Estate Trust to Jason C. and Amanda P. Williford Hicks, lot Sunset Hills, $448

Don D. and Linda L. Wilson to Dennis A. and Denise M. Cole, lot Adams Farm/Windermere, $347

Helen Elizabeth Brooks and Kellie Melinda Murphy Wertz to Robert S. and Tina G. Stutts, lot Westwood, $300

Brandon R. and Jacquita W. Ball to Vivian B. Poteat, lot Beechcroft, $277

Donald M. and Marlene H. Henderson to Jennifer Michelle and John M. Bozarth, lot Archdale Acres, $340

Charles O. and Carolyn S. Murphy to Melvin and Norma Marshall, lot Williamsborough Commons, $256

Marcia S. Buchanan to Gwendolyn Baker, lot Adams Farm/Elk Run, $280

Hummingbird Development to Cheryl Brown, lot Village at Northside, $259


Thomas A. and Donna F. Guffee to Harry G. and Carolyn D. Gordon, lot Ralph Levy property, $522

Canaday Customs Homes to Timothy S. and Shelly W. Johnson, lot Pepper Ridge, $668

Triple Lakes Developers to Silverstein Construction, lot Trenton, $142

Ingold Builders to Lance and Jane E. Hoffman, lot Linville Oaks, $1,059

Christopher L. and Janice A. Wright to James C. and Crystal Hawks, lot Oak Ridge Road, $228

Jayne E. Black to Gerald A. and Patricia L. Visser, lot Browning property, $348

Merrit A. and Kathrin Strunk to Allison Cummings and Warren Sangeorge, lot River Oaks, $710

Bobcor Construction to Pamela Angel, lot Holland, $270


Concept Builders to Charles N. Harrington III and Kristen L. Harrington, lot Carson Farms East, $340

Krishna and Vivian Swenson Gangoo to Elliott A. and Cathy Armstrong, lot B. W. Loy Land, $24

Pierce Homes to Joe Gray Carpenter and Darice S. Carpenter, lot Timbergate Estates, $352

Charles Alan and Mary Ann Perkins to Vickie R. Williams, lot Carriage Way, $283

J. A. C. Investments to Charles A. and Mary Ann Perkins, lot Allred heirs, $318

Relocation Advantage LLC to Danielle L. Hoversten and Lisa A. Wiehe, lot Waterbury, $770

Pierce Homes to Donna Lynn Shelton, lot Walnut Crossing, $298

Pierce Homes to Nancy Ann Smith, lot Walnut Crossing, $300

New Fortis Corp. to Gerald L. Walden Jr. and Tonisha J. Walden, lot Brightwood Farm, $382

New Fortis Corp. to Mary Lynn Needham, lot Brightwood Farm, $312

New Fortis Corp. to Lucas and Casey Pierce, lot Brightwood Farm, $364

Gary M. and Judith J. Satterfield to Janette A. Merideth, lot Stoney Creek, $570

Would Works Inc. to Ken A. Whitesell, lot Carriage Way, $273

Pierce Homes of Carolina to Gayla Renee Bivens, lot Walnut Crossing, $310


Linda Sue Pridgen, executrix, to James E. and Jolie W. Brown, lot Guilford Heights, $266

Roger Lewis Gray to Morton Fox and Gisela Fox, lot Kivett Drive, $82

McAlpine-Wolfetrail to Ryland Group, lot Wolfetrail Run, $345

Evon Ollie M. Sykes to Sunrise and Sons, lot Sykes property, $556


Ronald H. Davis, substitute trustee, to M. and T. Bank, lot Gary Jobe, $147

G. R. P. Realty to David and Angela Shepas, lot Hope Valley, $168

Richard E. and Jenni B. Oliphant to Brian Hall, lot Glenwood, $112

David W. Neill, substitute trustee, to Irene Palamaris, lot Eastwood Acres, $76

H. Terry Hutchens, substitute trustee, to Ellen Spear Smith, lot Sullivan's Lake, $175

Pamela Jane Gilbert to Steven W. Phillippie, lot Bramblegate Condos, $102

Everett R. and Valentina W. Cowett to Olde Towne Guilford Associates, lot New Garden Road, $810

Kellam and Pettit, substitute trustee, to National City Home Loan Services, lot Cedar Bend, $161

Scott F. and Gina A. Hicks to Nicholas W. and Nancy Effle, lot Glenwood, $179

Mark J. Bohnsack to Mark A. and Christa Wykoff, lot Cedarwood, $456

Aaron F. Pinkelton to Zina Johnson, lot Proximity Manufacturing Company, $208

Evan Andrew and Laurie Ann Lanier Post to Paul W. Kivett, lot Scott Avenue, $298

Brock and Scott, substitute trustee, to BB&T, lot Boone Street, $63

D. Lavonne McMillan-Yahn to Lemuel B. and Brenda R. Harrison, lot Victory Forest, $80

Shugart Enterprises to Joseph A. Rachkoskie Jr., lot Arrowwood, $254

Falk Family Properties to Jesse H. Washburn II and Susannah R. Washburn, lot Warehouse Street, $425

Joan J. Falk to Jesse H. Washburn II and Susannah R. Washburn, lot Warehouse Street, $425

Sandra Anderson Builders to Amy L. Daniels, lot Corinth Village, $340

Mathew and Janet Poehler to Bryan and Melinda King, lot Watercrest, $230

Gene E. Burns to Marcus Trotter, lot Gillespie property, $226

Old South Home to Alemu T. and Elena V. Elisseikina Mengistu, lot Bennington Village, $277

Calmit Properties to R. D. P. Properties, lot Providence North, $75

Randall Dean and Kawania N. Lee to Marlon Antonio and Grace E. Aiken, lot Church Street Development, $244

David L. Harmon to Aruth Maree Crisp, lot Wellington, $310

B. Fraley Company to Samuel H. and Deborah M. Lankford, lot Jefferson Woods, $1,860

H. Terry Hutchens, substitute trustee, to Daniel M. Jones, lot Wafco Mills Condos, $165

John C. and Suzanne T. Shackelford to William M. and Sheryl G. Lyon, lot General Green Forest, $292

Avalon to Eastwood Construction, lot Avalon, $265

Burton Run to Eastwood Construction, lot Burton Run, $299

Shannon A. Hale to John C. and Suzanne T. Shackelford, lot Green Valley, $376

Mary V. Currie and Justin Thomas Shannon to Monico V. and Dora A. Aguilar, lot Matthews property, $220

Centex Home Equity to Roger Paul and Jamie O. Workman, lot Stonegate Acres, $186

Ryland Group to John M. Brown Jr., lot Wolfetrail Run, $330

Ryland Group to Hannah Smith, lot Wolfetrail Run, $328

City of Greensboro to Ali and Elsara Yassin Gwaili, lot Stonegate Crossing, $188

City of Greensboro to Osama Sedahmed and Tahni Ibrahim, lot Stonegate Crossing, $163

Joey Tod and Terri K. Walker to Donna L. Carelus, lot Pomona Village, $118

Lehrer Properties to Joseph L. and Kelli P. Kupiec, lot Sunset Hills, $321

Avery D. and Marion B. Angel to Dennis J. Farlow, lot Hillsdale Park West, $186

Wade Jurney Homes to Maravarman and Uma M. Santhanam Namasivayam, lot Pepperwood Circle, $518

Trustee Services of Carolina to Margaret Mrosek, lot Lakeshore Village, $184

Cynthia J. Wright to Linford R. and Martha H. Snead, lot Friendly Acres, $418

City of Greensboro to Delores R. Thompson, lot Stonegate Crossing, $152

Hummingbird Development to Marlyn R. Hemby, lot Village at Northside, $260

City of Greensboro to Biter and Miary Dang, lot Stonegate Crossing, $192

City of Greensboro to Keschia B. Blackwell, lot Stonegate Crossing, $188

Top Hat Inc. to Randy and Mandy Rolls, lot Springdale, $398

Building permits


Piedmont Personal Builders, 5009 Bodie Lane, 10-room house, $287,000

Best Builders, 6 Kacey Meadows Court, 14-room house, $231,204

Fleming Meadows, 5809 Kacey Meadows Drive, eight-room house, $170,054

Westminster Homes, 4308 Creekdale Drive, seven-room house, $81,240

Crotty A. L. Spencer, 3904 Walker Ave., addition, $32,171

Stephen Kimmel, 7 Forest Hill Court, accessory building, $800

Taylormade Homes, 5001 Warm Springs Point, 12-room house, $210,000

Westminster Homes, 1004 Quinlan Drive, six-room house, $111,172

Starmount Residential, 1801 Brassfield Road, enclose patio, $11,040

Friendly Associates Limited Partnership, 620-210 Green Valley Road, interior alterations, $29,400

Kenneth and Vickie Crutchfield, 2404 Yanceyville St., add detached garage, $8,500

Judy Lomax, 1304 Clarendon Drive, add garage, $15,664

D.R. Horton Inc., 9 Silverbrook Court, six-room house, $110,748

D.R. Horton Inc., 1104 Knox Road, six-room house, $110,748

D.R. Horton Inc., 10 Silverbrook Court, eight-room house, $164,448

Ice Sports of Greensboro, 6119 Landmark Center Blvd., interior alterations, $1,500

Westminster Homes, 515 Peach Orchard Drive, six-room house, $122,240

Timothy Terrell, 2100 E. Cone Blvd., storage building, $2,998

T.H.K. Investments, 1504 Haywood St., repair to standard, $250

Semper Homes, 19 Westmount Court, taken over from general contr., $100,000

Richard and Muriel Boette, 2712-A Twin Lakes Drive, alterations, $2,000

Southern Optical, 1909 N. Church St., re-roof, $109,000

Joseph and Katharine Brower, 315 Parkmont Drive, remodel kitchen/laundry room, $50,000

Westminster Homes, 4310 Creekdale Drive, six-room house, $70,910

Windsor Investments, 3602 Long Run Drive, seven-room house, $139,512

Lewis and Mary Dumont, 1904 Colonial Ave., repair fire damage, $5,000

D.R. Horton Inc., 919 Redland Drive, seven-room house, $138,696

D.R. Horton Inc., 5208 Silverbrook Drive, eight-room house, $164,448

Stonegate Crossing, 904 Pine St., five-room rebld. house destroyed by fire, $39,000

Baywater Group, 1005 Pearson St., repair to rehab., $17,000

Brad and Kristi McCormick, 216 Haywood Drive, add bedroom, $31,250

James I. Essa, 1319 Willow Road, repair fire damage, $30,000

Rachel Gregg, 20 Bluestem Court, pergola - cover patio, $300

Turner Homes, 202 Mary Wil Court, finish 1200-foot space, $30,000

Karing Construction, 1109 Maury Lane, five-room house, $70,900

Karing Construction, 1202 Maury Lane, six-room house, $78,000

Karing Construction, 1106 Maury Lane, four-room house, $74,350

Karing Construction, 1110 Maury Lane, four-room house, $66,100

Spencer and Kara Edmunds, 605 Chancery Place, addition, $100,000

Alice W. Allen, 3302 Winchester Drive, extend bathroom, $3,500

R. and N. Holdings, 6001 W. Market St., interior alterations, $176,600

Guilford Board of Education, 4215 Galway Drive, modular unit, $20,000

Westridge Forest Clubhouse, 1301 Westminster Drive, retaining wall 3, $6,000

Westridge Forest Clubhouse, 1301 Westminster Drive, retaining wall 2, $6,000

Westridge Forest Clubhouse, 1301 Westminster Drive, retaining wall 1, $6,000

Miracle Holdings, 1302 Pleasant Ridge Road, interior alterations, $765,000

Carolina Custom Home Crafters, 318 Gorrell St., six-room duplex, $132,180

Carolina Custom Home Crafters, 316 Gorrell St., six-room duplex, $132,180

Keystone Group, 904 Blazingwood Drive, seven-room house, $149,846

Keystone Group, 907 Blazingwood Drive, six-room house, $133,074

Keystone Group, 905 Blazingwood Drive, six-room house, $124,724

N.C. Equipment Co., 7620 W. Market St., interior alterations, $25,000

Shops on Battleground, 1603-F Battleground Ave., interior alterations, $150,000

Hispanos Inc., 1203 E. Washington St., five-room house, $59,150

D. R. Horton Inc., 5110 Silverbrook Drive, nine-room house, $193,784

John Kavanagh Co., 103 Heritage Hill Drive, eight-room house, $140,435

Marathon Ashland Petroleum, 6311 Burnt Poplar Road, asphalt plant, $1 million

John Kavanagh Co., 320 Apple Ridge Road, six-room house, $75,335

Ben Franklin's, 1309 Bridford Parkway, interior alterations, $100,000

Guilford County

Brinkley General Contractor, 8116 Kelly Oak Drive, three-room house, $167,207

Jerry Sanderson, 4721 Ramblewood Drive, residential addition, $4,928

Rikerhomes, 408 Autumn Ridge Court, residential addition, $46,600

Brightwood Development, 6911 E. Whirlaway Court, three-room house, $233,598

Redwolf Development Co., 1599 Candace Ridge Drive, five-room house, $286,472

Redwolf Development Co., 1601 Candace Ridge Drive, three-room house, $230,387

Redwolf Development Co., 4392 Candace Ridge Court, four-room house, $266,308

Redwolf Development Co., 1596 Candace Ridge Court, three-room house, $234,420

Brightwood Development, 6740 Winners Drive, three-room house, $140,696

Associated Developers, 5111 Olde Forest Drive, four-room house, $264,590

John McDaniel, 101 Kingsdale Court, residential addition, $59,445

Carl Ruff, 5314 Eckerson Road, garage, $32,859

Thomas J. Hobson, 5802 Harriet Court, three-room house, $349,800

Tammy Davenport, 8164 Mabe-Marshall Road, residential addition, $52,276

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