It's been nearly a decade since he died and it's a long way from Tampa where he worked but today at 11 a.m. fireman Franz G. Warner will be honored at the Rock Creek Center off Interstate 85-40 between Greensboro and Burlington.

The occasion will be the opening of a service road in the 1,600-acre business park. The road has been named for Warner by Tampa firemen and policemen who worked with him before his untimely death in 1981.The Rock Creek Center is owned by the Firefighters and Police Officers Pension Fund of the City of Tampa. Warner, who was a district fire chief at the time of his death, served as a trustee of the pension fund.

The road, which cost about $1 million to build, runs between Rock Creek Dairy Road and Judge Adams Road. It will open up a section of park designed for high-tech companies. That section will feature underground, concrete encased power lines to assure uninterrupted flow of electricity to the computers and other electronic machinery used by high-tech companies.

The pension fund bought the former dairy farm in 1982 for $4 million and since have millions more to put in water and sewer lines and make other improvements to the land to make it attractive to business prospects.

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