The Oct. 7 business section article by Robert Luke, says that investors should invest for the long haul. Good advice for your part-time investor. Two paragraphs later this idiot recommends buying put warrants on the Japanese stock market. Then he recommends ``selling short' insurance stocks, which is also a bet that they will fall. Both put warrants and selling short are classic short-term market strategies, and they are for the very sophisticated investor, not the guy who reads the News & Record business section. Please do not publish what the news service sends you without asking if it makes sense.

Similarly, in the October 4 issue, Dan Fesperman said the budget compromise would affect mainly those with incomes over $200,000. This article ends on Page A8. Directly above these concluding paragraphs, the headlines blare: ``Deficit reduction burden would fall heavily on the poor.' How can one paper have two such divergent conclusions regarding the same subject?Finally, every one of us already pays too much in taxes; let us simply outlaw the withholding of taxes from our pay checks. Let everyone get paid whatever he earns, including the half of Social Security paid by every employer, and then write a check every month to the feds and the state for the same amount that is presently being withheld. Our alleged leaders would very suddenly become accountable when millions of us actually have to send the government a check for what government spends, instead of the presently invisible and largely painless method of withholding by an employer.

Walter J. Sperko Greensboro

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