My Dearest Darling,

You have rec'd many letters from me during your confinement at the Ala. jail in Graham and earrings. Honey you do not know me but I have loved you for years. I saw you the first time at Krogers in Burl. I thought you looked like an angel to me. I only have a few days to live and I need to right my wrongs to you and others involved. You see I am responsible for these deaths. ... Then there was Raymond (Reid) and I hated him. He loved you too much. I used to follow you to the hosp. Finally I could take it no longer all that attention you gave him so I went in to visit him as a hosp. Chaplain at Wesley Long. He was thirsty and I got him a coke and filled it with arsenic. ...Later there was Dwight (Moore) and I hated him even more so but you married the bastard. I still rode by that parsonage everyday. Then I followed you to Ala. hosp. You did not know me so I was able to see where you went and read the name on the door. Later in the night I went back and told him the nurses wanted me to give him water so I gave him arsenic and also put some in his ice pitcher. ... I just thought he would die like the others but he didn't and this has gotten you in a lot of trouble and hurt you a lot. ... I never meant to harm you I love you too much but the plan failed me. ... I have asked for this letter to be mailed after my funeral by a friend. ... Keep those pretty brown eyes sparkling. This is the same handwriting I wrote you others this time worse because I am so sick. Goodbye my darling forever. Scared dont want to go to hell. Loves always. This letter is 100 truth and I'm ashamed of it. ... bye bye baby. GARVIN THOMAS

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