Author: Ross Cavins

City: Greensboro

Book title: “The Walk-On”

Publisher: RCG Publishing

What it’s about: When Tommy Chandler makes the UNCG basketball team as an unproven walk-on, he learns he’s got what it takes to be a winner, both on and off the court.

Why I wrote it: I wanted to write my version of “The Great American Novel.” So I combined the themes of an underdog sports story, a love story, and a coming-of-age story. Plus, I’m the biggest UNCG basketball fan you’ll ever meet. Class of ‘94. Also, 10% of proceeds will benefit the UNCG men’s basketball scholarships.

Other books I have had published: ”Follow The Money,” “Barry vs The Apocalypse”

Where (how) to buy my new book:, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.


Author: Brandi Rojas

City: Greensboro

Book title: “When Legacy Arises from the Threshing Floor: A Collective of Trials and Tribulations Superseded by Undeniable Victories”

Publisher: Fiery Beacon Consulting and Publishing Group

What it’s about: This book consists of 24 women from North Carolina, Maryland, Alabama and Nevada who have come together to tell stories of trials, tribulations and victory. It covers topics such as divorce, molestation, abortion, rejection, illnesses and more. Despite the things they have endured, every chapter ends in victory.

Why I wrote it: I accepted the mandate to serve as visionary author of this book because I have often heard of the issues women go through, but when it comes to the victory that comes, that normally does not come to the forefront. Many of these women are first-time authors and are using this book to talk about and receive healing from what they have endured.

Other books I have had published: ”In the Face of Expected Failure, Humpty Dumpty in Stilettos: The Great Exchange,” “Stories from the Pink Pulpit: Women in Ministry Speak,” “Better Than Ever: A 30-Day Self-Reflective Journal,” “Before the Student Goes Home” and “Why Some Men Lie.”

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Author: Pam Misher

City: Greensboro

Book title: “Carter and His Special Night Out”

Publisher: Self-Publisher through Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC

What it’s about: Carter is a brown and white puppy who enjoys exploring the outdoors alone. One clear night, Carter decides to investigate outdoors alone. What does he find? Is he very courageous or scared throughout his adventure? What lesson does he take away from his special night out? Should he be outside alone? Read to see what happens.

Why I wrote it: As a former Guilford County Schools employee (educator), I have always stressed the importance of early literacy for beginning readers. I wrote this book to encourage young readers to enjoy and get excited about reading. Strengthening reading skills can help with fighting poverty/illiteracy.

Other books I have had published: I am writing a series of “Carter” books. My second Carter book entitled “Carter Meets a New Friend,” will be available in late December through Amazon.

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Author: Cindy Cage

City: Jamestown

Book title: “Courageous”

Publisher: Housetop Publishing

What it’s about: Every day, girls meet challenges that result in self-doubt: they don’t feel confident in facing their fears. A cast of nine literary heroines introduces us to the idea that problems are a normal part of life and that we can rise above them. Told in rhyme with watercolor illustrations, this book calls girls of all ages to be brave in their own unique ways.

The cast includes Elizabeth Bennet, Scout Finch, Dorothy Gale, Sara Crewe, Anne Shirley, Jane Eyre, Nancy Drew, Jo March, and Anne Frank. Fans of these classics will fall in love with these heroines all over again.

Why I wrote it: In the cultural tide of raising strong women, it’s important for girls to know that not everyone is born brave. We have to learn how to battle our fears, so we can build our courage. Hardships are a normal part of life, and they can teach us moral courage. I want my granddaughters to see me model that for them. These heroines model that for them as well.

Other books I have had published: This is my first. Get more information at

Where (how) to buy my new book: Amazon and Indie bookstores

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