Author: Patrick Cassidy

City: Greensboro

Book title: “Blue Wizard Detectives: The Crystal Ball Case File of Ben Alatar”

Publisher: Light Switch Press

What it’s about: See the detective agency and the wizard who runs the business that the wizard and witch community rely on to solve and combat the crimes of dark magic. Professor James Pallando was hoping to seek rest after a wizard war, but through a chance meeting with a young girl is taken to see the famous wizard detective Ben Alatar. Together they not only try to reunite the girl with her grandfather, but they stop a coup set up by the sinister Professor Mortimer Salazar.

Why I wrote it: I figured the world needs more stories like this, just something for enjoyment, but eventually might lead to a full-blown series.

Other books I have had published: This is the first official book I have written.

Where (how) to buy my new book: Available where e-books are sold. If you have a Kindle or e-reader, you should be able to download it from Amazon for $8.99.


Author: Harry Thetford

City: Greensboro

Book title: “Remembered”

Publisher: Xlibris

What it’s about: ”Remembered” is a 388-page memorial recognizing 99 former students of Greensboro Senior High School (what is now Grimsley High) who lost their lives in the line of duty during World War II. Although these patriots are dutifully memorialized on campus plaques, this book goes far and poignantly beyond a line listing. Even though their lives were cut short by the war, they are well-credentialed members of the Greatest Generation. “Remembered” is tasked to justify those credentials.

Why I wrote it: I have written numerous newspaper columns, and the book “Keep Their Stories Alive” about those who served during World War II — and came home to tell of their experiences. Many of those written about were from Greensboro Senior High School (Grimsley). Without exception, they insist the real heroes of WWII are those who did not return. “Remembered” is a compilation of stories about those heroes.

Other books I have had published: “Keep Their Stories Alive”

Where (how) to buy my new book: Online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Xlibris.


Author: Carey Pahel

City: Greensboro

Book title: “Rufus the Mild-Mannered Bull: Rufus Saves the Day”

Publisher: Mascot Books

What it’s about: Rufus doesn’t look or act like other bulls. These differences become his strengths as he faces the challenges of childhood. His small size, pink color and human tendencies don’t stop Rufus from being kind to others and true to himself. Each book describes how the wise and compassionate Rufus faces everyday situations. The book is targeted at the 3- to 9-year-old age range, and teaches principles such as kindness, respect for others and good manners.

Why I wrote it: I have enjoyed a successful career as a doctor of audiology. As a hobby, I have written both music and short stories. I first wrote “Rufus The Mild Mannered Bull” as a college student. Years later, after retiring from audiology, I revised the original text for publication, and continue to write stories designed to positively impact young children.

Other books I have had published: My second book, “I Wish I Had an Otter,” will be published this summer. It is illustrated by Greensboro artist Harry Blair. Inspiration for the book came from many visits to view the fascinating land and aquatic animals at the Greensboro Science Center, which will receive a portion of the proceeds from book sales.

Where (how) to buy my new book:, www., email pinkbull And available at local bookstores.

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