Author: Patrick Cassidy

City: Greensboro

Book title: ”Blue Wizard Detectives: The Crystal Ball Case File of Ben Alatar”

Publisher: Light Switch Press

What it’s about: Seeking rest and relaxation after a wizarding war, Professor James Pallando winds up escorting a young girl who is seeking the aid of a wizard detective. Ben Alatar is the head of the Blue Wizard detective agency and is considered to be the greatest next in line to his brother and his father. After hearing young Molly’s story, he leads the two of them on an investigation that requires him to match wits with a peg-legged goblin, play games with a sphinx, and try to sabotage the plans of his nemesis: vampire and wizard criminal mastermind Professor Mortimer Salazar.

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Author: Sonya Williams

City: Jamestown

Book title: “Mirrors: The Shadow Conspiracy”

Publisher: Chandra Press

What it’s about: Sarah and Sam haven’t met, but they have something in common. Sarah’s been searching for her father since he went missing four years ago. Her family thinks it’s time to move on, but Sarah is determined to get to the bottom of his disappearance. Sam is an ambitious marketing executive on the rise. She has it all. So why does she feel like something is missing? Sarah and Sam begin to experience dreams and memories that aren’t their own. As these visions increase in intensity and frequency, the women struggle to keep a grip on reality.

Why I wrote it: I first started writing my novel “Mirrors” back in 2015, after leaving a soul-sucking job. With a renewed sense of purpose and freedom, I decided to write a book. The themes center around: purpose, freedom, connection and family. I wanted people to get to know me through my words and get a sense of what was important to me. I also wanted to create a book that blurred the line between fiction and reality, as I feel the best sci-fi books do, and leave the reader asking themselves, “Could this be possible?”

Other books I have published: This is my first.

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Author: Spencer Brown

City: Winston-Salem

Book title: “Move Over Mountain”

Publisher: J. New Books

What it’s about: In the span of one winter, John Underwood, a quiet and distant 68-year-old man, is suddenly forced to reckon with the present moment when his wife, Sylvia, is rendered unconscious, hospitalized and left lingering somewhere between life and death. Plagued by epilepsy, John fears that, as his seizures continue, he will eventually lose all memory of his wife if she dies. Day after day, he sits at her bedside, clinging desperately to all of the precious moments of quiet, ordinary life, hoping to make sense of what brought him to this painful moment.

Why I wrote it: Both a rage against the dying of the light and a celebration of what was once illuminated, “Move Over Mountain” is an elegiac meditation on loss, regret and the enigmatic reasons we find to survive.

Other books I have published: This is my debut novel.

Where (how) to buy my new book: After publication on Nov. 1, the book will be available at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere else books are sold.


Author: Katherine Stillerman

City: Winston-Salem

Book title: “Rising Above It: A Novel of Love, Loss, and Survival in the Great Depression”

Publisher: Katherine P. Stillerman

What it’s about: Hattie Barton’s life changes forever on October 24, 1929, the historic day of the New York Stock Market crash. She is suddenly forced to leave her palatial home in Calhoun, relocate to an apartment in her hometown in Greenville, and find work to support herself, her two young daughters Pauline and Alice, and her trusted housekeeper, Georgia. Hattie ultimately discovers that the only way she will rise above her misfortune is to remain true to herself. The fourth book in the Barton Family Series, “Rising Above It,” continues the theme of love and reconciliation running through the previous novels.

Why I wrote it: My love of Southern literature and background as a teacher of American History drew me to the genre of historical fiction. My grandmother was a strong and independent woman whom I loved and admired as a role model. I wanted to write a story losely based on her life. I created the Barton Family Series as a result of that desire. My goal is to write stories that are historically accurate, realistic, and always hopeful. Like my grandmother, the female characters in my books are ordinary people who rise to extraordinary challenges.

Other books I have published: “Retirement: A Journey Not a Destination,” The Barton Family Series: “Hattie’s Place,” “In the Fullness of Time,” “Over the Mountain,” “Rising Above It.”

Where (how) to buy my new book: All of my books can be purchased on Amazon in print and Kindle format, at Rising Above it is on pre-order, to be released September 17, 2019.


Author: William E. Dunstan

City: Chapel Hill

Book title: “Haunted: Jim Wilcox Remembers Nell Cropsey”

Publisher: Amazon

What it’s about: The year 1898 finds young Jim Wilcox enjoying a privileged life in Elizabeth City, but his world blazes under a rising tide of Southern intrigue. After Jim falls in love with Nell Cropsey, a newcomer from Brooklyn, he braves the thorns of fate as her secrets shatter his heart. Then twenty-year-old Nell, who claims to be nineteen, disappears from her riverside home on a raw moonlit night in November 1901. Within days, her mysterious disappearance becomes a national sensation. Local mobs point angry fingers at Jim, but has another person cleverly covered an unthinkable sin?

Why I wrote it: I focus on bringing old twisted wounds to light in this nonfiction novel by accurately describing historical events and figures while also imagining Jim’s unfolding thoughts and conversations. Although my exhaustive research supports the force and bulk of the narrative, I employ literary resourcefulness to fill gaps in the record without altering the essential truth of the tragic story. For a comprehensive and strictly fact-based analysis of this bizarre chapter in Southern history, see my “Nell Cropsey and Jim Wilcox: The Chill of Destiny.”

Other books I have published: My fifteen other books include three on ancient history (“Ancient Greece,” “Ancient Rome,” and “The Ancient Near East”), three novels (“Swamp Wizard and the Robots,” “The Portrait,” and “The Runaway Detectives”), my six-book memoir (“Adventures of a Southern Boyhood”), and my first book on the tragedy of star-crossed lovers Nell and Jim (“Nell Cropsey and Jim Wilcox: The Chill of Destiny”). I have just begun a historical novel set in Edwardian England (“Chauffeur from Canterbury”) that strips away a thin veneer of a civility overlapping a romantic inferno.

Where (how) to buy my new book: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or order from your favorite bookshop.

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