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Jenn Lyon is a High Point native, UNCSA alumna and co-star of TNT’s comedy-drama “Claws”.

TNT is bringing “Claws” back for one more season. The cast of the dark comedy-drama includes High Point native and UNC School of the Arts alumna Jenn Lyon.

The channel announced that it is renewing “Claws” for a fourth and final season. Brett Weitz, general manager for TNT, said that “For the past three seasons, Claws has handled delicate and culturally relevant themes like race, class, gender, age and sexual orientation with grace and humor via superb storytelling.”

The series follows the staff at a Florida nail salon that serves as a front for criminal activity, with Niecy Nash as main character Desna Simms and Lyon as her trusted best friend, a brassy working mom trying to rebuild her marriage after having had an affair. The cast also includes Carrie Preston, Judy Reyes, Harold Perrineau and Dean Norris.


AMC’s “The Walking Dead” starts its 10th season tonight, with the survivors still dealing with the repercussions of last season’s brutal (even by this show’s standards) final episodes, which saw many characters decapitated by the villainous Whisperers, a cult of humans who have given up any semblance of humanity.

Carol, played by former Winston-Salem resident Melissa McBride, is prominently featured in AMC’s promotional materials for the show, and for good reason; the actions of the Whisperers hit her particularly hard, since her adopted son was one of the victims and the aftermath led to the end of her relationship with Ezekiel. Carol has had one of the show’s most compelling story arcs, going from a meek, abused wife to a fierce, independent survivalist who is often more on-the-ball than anyone around her.


The first season of “Charmed,” CW’s reboot of the popular 1990s/early 2000s fantasy series, has just been released on DVD, with bonus features including behind-the-scenes footage. Like the original series, the new “Charmed” follows three sisters with magical powers whose abilities are enhanced when they work together and channel “The Power of Three.” They use those powers to fight the forces of evil.

Executive producer Carter Covington, a Winston-Salem native best known for such shows as “Faking It,” “Greek” and “10 Things I Hate About You,” was showrunner for the first season, but has stepped aside for season two, which will premiere Oct. 11. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the split was amicable and will allow Covington to focus on other projects and the show to change direction and “lean harder into its supernatural storylines and less into the family dynamic that made Covington a fit.”


Another new DVD set now available collects the first season of “Tell Me a Story,” a quirky psychological drama that adapts stories from fairy tales into an interweaving thriller set in New York City. Billy Magnussen, a UNCSA alumnus most recently seen in the big-screen remake of “Aladdin,” plays a high school teacher who becomes involved in a relationship with one of his students, in a story that works in elements of “Little Red Riding Hood,” one of three story arcs in the first season (the other two are inspired by “The Three Little Pigs” and “Hansel and Gretel”).

Kevin Williamson, a North Carolina native best known for “Dawson’s Creek” and the “Scream” movies, created the show based on a popular Spanish series.

“Tell Me a Story” is shown on the digital streaming service CBS All Access. A second season, with a different cast and a Nashville setting, is set to premiere in December.


Also new on DVD and now available are “Sesame Street: 50 Years and Counting,” a tribute to the long-running children’s show that gave birth to such characters as Big Bird, Grover, and my hero and role model Oscar the Grouch (oh, and Elmo, too). It has more than five hours of footage, including songs, celebrity guest appearances, iconic moments and never-before-seen outtakes. Also on DVD: “Gunsmoke: The Fifteenth Season,” the long-running Western that follows Marshal Matt Dillon and the other denizens of Dodge City, Kansas, which is split across two volumes.


Lionsgate has announced a “Royals & Romance” three-film boxed set of Lifetime TV-movies that is being released in time for the holidays. The set, due out Nov. 12, includes one biopic devoted to Prince William and Kate Middleton, from 2011, and two focusing on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, 2018’s “A Royal Romance” — with Steve Coulter, a UNCSA alum, in a supporting role as Harry’s dad, Prince Charles — and 2019’s “Becoming Royal,” which had a different cast.

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