Bargain Hunt

8 p.m. (HGTV)

Cameras follow a Fort Lauderdale couple as they search for a getaway retreat in Maine in the hopes of escaping the Florida heat in this new episode. They hope to find a place where they can enjoy Maine’s mild temperatures and ocean breezes.


9 p.m. (WFMY)

Dylan (Alan Cumming) and Det. Ryan Stock (Travis Van Winkle) follow a lead in the Sleeping Beauty Killer case in this new episode. The investigation leads them to a dramatic faceoff aboard a ship. Bojana Novakovic also stars.

City on a Hill

9 p.m. (SHOWTIME)

Jackie (Kevin Bacon) feels an unfamiliar pang of guilt as he tries to celebrate another moment in the spotlight in this new episode. As he reflects on his legacy, Decourcy (Aldis Hodge) considers how he can ensure that justice is served.

The Righteous


10 p.m. (HBO)

John Goodman stars as unscrupulous televangelist Eli Gemstone in the premiere of this comedy. As Eli’s light begins to fade, his son Jesse (Danny McBride) tries to modernize the family’s televangelist empire.

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