Four Weddings

Noon (TLC)

Brides compete for a lavish honeymoon in a rebroadcast of this wedding-themed series. Amber infuses her reception with the magic of the islands at her Hawaiian-themed nuptials. Meanwhile, Shelly’s wedding celebrates her Afghan heritage.


8 p.m. (WFMY)

Alex Ferrer takes a look at situations in which ordinary people risk their careers, and sometimes their lives, to do the right thing. Their actions ensured that innocent people weren’t harmed by corporate greed.

Hawaii Five-0

9 p.m. (WFMY)

A well-known urban vigilante is killed after making a citizen’s arrest in this rebroadcast, and the Five-0 is pulled into the world of comic books and superheroes in the search for the killer. Alex O’Loughlin stars in this series as a former Navy SEAL.


11 p.m. (TLC)

In this new extended episode, Sunhe is concerned she’ll be left behind as Angelica embarks on a new chapter in her life. Also, Kathy causes trouble in Christina’s marriage, while Cher and Dawn keep a secret from the rest of the family.

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