Support Greensboro Hospitality Workers T-shirt

GREENSBORO — The mandated closure of restaurants and bars over the concerns of the spread of coronavirus left thousands of servers and bartenders trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

One organization that understands the thin line between a paycheck and homelessness is stepping up to help workers.

"Everybody is struggling in this situation for sure, but hourly workers in the service industry and hospitality are particularly struggling," said Michelle Kennedy, executive director of the Interactive Resource Center, a day shelter for those experiencing homelessness. She is also a Greensboro City Council member.

The IRC partnered with Triad Paw Prints to create the T-shirts, which are being sold to raise money for workers at about 20 local eateries.

This is not the first time the IRC has sold T-shirts to raise funds.

After the 2018 tornado in east Greensboro, T-shirts bearing the logo Greensboro Strong raised more than $75,000 for relief.

For this fundraiser, there are two T-shirt options. The first is a black tee featuring a tip jar with the label "Support GSO Hospitality Workers" and #gsolocal. Another shirt features the logo "Greensboro Local."

The $25 cost for each shirt will be distributed to workers of participating eateries.

T-shirt sales and a list of participating eateries can be found at

"It’s an opportunity to help people in a really difficult situation. The last thing I want to see are workers end up in the day room of the IRC," said Kennedy.

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