Cheerwine Yipee-Ki-Yay Cocktail 2019

Yipee-Ki-Yay from Dram and Draught.

SALISBURY — Iconic soft drink brand Cheerwine is again stocking shelves with its Cheerwine Holiday Punch.

The blend of Cheerwine, tangy pineapple and ginger ale was inspired several years ago by generations of Southern punch makers.

For the second year, Cheerwine asked talented mixologists across the Carolinas to offer fresh takes on the holiday staple.

The results are 10 signature cocktails of bars from Charlotte to Charleston, including the Triad.

Ryan Hill of Dram and Draught in Greensboro concocted the egg nog-inspired Yipee-Ki-Ya! and Ronaldo Pettigrew, also of Dram and Draught, created the spicy star anise and black peppercorn Whiskey Smash.

Over in Winston-Salem, Tim Nolan of Fair Witness came up with the gin-inspired Holiday Fizz and chef Tim Grandinetti of Spring House created Chef Grandinetti's Cheerwine Punch Cocktail.

Cheerwine Holiday Punch is on the shelves through Dec. 31.

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