Natty Greene's Brewpub

Natty Greene’s will begin renovations on Monday. The restaurant will remain open during the project.

GREENSBORO — Natty Greene’s is investing $800,000 for renovations to its downtown brewpub.

Chris and Ashleah Lester, owners of the brewpub, announced the major renovations to the almost 100-year-old building on Friday.

The ground-floor restaurant will be completely renovated, including building a new bar in the center of the restaurant and replacing the old bar footprint at the rear of the restaurant with new bathrooms.

“We want to have that energy in the front,” Lester said. “It really opens the space up.”

The kitchen will also be redone.

On Natty’s second floor, the bar will be extended, and tables will be relocated to the front of the restaurant where a game area has been.

The games will be moved to the rear of the area.

The upstairs bathrooms also will be completely remodeled.

The restaurant will remain open during the renovations, which are expected to take about 60 days.

Future plans include expanding the restaurant’s patio and covering it. The brewpub’s third-floor event space will also be expanded.

College buddies Chris Lester and Kayne Fisher opened the brewpub in 2004, leading the way for downtown craft breweries. Later, they opened a larger brewing facility on Gate City Boulevard and added a tap room.

Lester and Fisher opened a restaurant at Revolution Mill in 2017. The two longtime partners parted ways in 2018, and Fisher became sole proprietor of the Revolution Mill eatery, which he renamed Kau.

Lester kept the Natty Greene’s brand and took ownership of the brewery and the downtown brewpub.

Zack Matheny, president of Downtown Greensboro Inc., praised the renovation plans, calling them an investment in Greensboro.

“When I first got here ... there were tumbleweeds on Elm Street,” Matheny said to the Lesters. “You all made that investment 16 years ago, and you’re making it again today.”

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