Sonya Lewis

Bojangles’ master biscuit maker Sonya Lewis.

We asked five questions of Sonya Lewis, winner of the Master Biscuit Maker Competition for Bojangles stores. Here’s what she had to say:

You’ve won Bojangles’ Master Biscuit Maker Competition for company stores three years in a row. What is it like to be in that competition? What gives you the edge?

To be in the competition is a great opportunity and a blessing. I would say that my previous experience being in the competition helps give me an edge. We (the participants) compete next to each other and the team at the Support Center is cheering us on through the kitchen windows, but I don’t let that distract me from what I’m doing.

Is becoming a Master Biscuit Maker easy?

It’s all about practice. There are many biscuit makers who return to the finals every year, because they have made so many biscuits over the years.

Bojangles’ has a 48-step biscuit-making process which seems like a lot of steps. Why?

We make our biscuits by hand. Between mixing the ingredients, rolling and cutting the dough, it adds up. These 48 steps make Bojangles’ biscuits better than any other biscuits out there!

How many biscuits do you bake in a typical day?

In a typical day, I bake over 1,000 biscuits.

What is your favorite biscuit on the menu?

The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit.

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