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Skipper’s All Beef Hot Dogs welcomes you with a declaration of “The Best Hot Dog, Chicken and Fish in Town” on its menu, and I am not one to disagree with this statement.

Serving Greensboro for over 21 years, Skipper’s is known for its hot dogs, but has so much more in store. Owned by Guilford County Commissioner Melvin “Skip” Alston, you will be hard-pressed not to see cars wrapping around the building in search for a good deal and some great food.

Located on East Market Street, just past N.C. A&T, the diminutive ramshackle building has faded signs, a gravel lot and an outdoor seating area that has seen better days. The umbrellas no longer have their canopies and the faded picnic tables sit baking in the sun. But lush grass and a grove of mature trees behind the seats gives the area some shade during certain parts of the day.

For all intents and purposes, it’s best to enjoy your meal inside your car or in the comfort of your own home to avoid the desolate picnic area. Word on the street is that Skipper’s is going to close in late September or early October to begin construction on a complete remodel. When the restaurant reopens, the menu will have Jamaican cuisine and fried chicken plates, adding to the cavalcade of food items.

This walk-up/drive-through restaurant has large lighted menus in front of and behind the building. The wait may be a little long, but the results will leave you satisfied. Everything from barbecue and platters of fish to baskets of wings, smoked sausages, hot dogs and cheeseburgers with multiple iterations can be found here.

Starting with the fish platters and fish sandwiches, they are the most expensive things on the menu. Your choice of whiting or flounder comes with two sides (baked beans, coleslaw, onion rings, hush puppies or French fries). The sandwich comes on lightly toasted Texas toast with a light shmear of finely chopped coleslaw. The fish is fried well and highly seasoned.

The signature hot dogs are served with your choice of beef or turkey. All-beef is the way to go. Each link is meaty, juicy and has multiple layers of savory flavor. Nine different options are available, including the Aggie Special, which is not listed on the menu but only those in the know can order it. Mondays and Wednesdays, the hot dogs are only $1. On Thursdays, hamburgers are the $1 special. The hamburgers are hefty in size and solidly delectable.

As far as sides go, the sweet potato tots are fried crispy and are served piping hot after being tossed in light brown sugar. Each coral-colored nugget looks like an encrusted jewel. The crinkle-cut fries pair well with each hot dog or hamburger. The milkshakes are more milk than shake, but you can see and taste the real strawberries and swirls of chocolate sauce moving through your straw as you sip. If you need to quench your thirst, Coca-Cola products, tea, lemonade or tropical fruit punch flavored Kool-Aid will fit the bill. The Kool-Aid could use a fair bit more water or extra ice to dilute it, but is a fun drink to pair with the rest of your meal.

Any given day, you will find wheels, deals and many options for meals at Skipper’s All Beef Hot Dogs.

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