Author: Ann Fitzmaurice

City: Greensboro

Book title: “The 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Inspiration for a Lifetime of Good Health”

What it’s about: A collection of inspiring essays and beautiful illustrations by Altina Layman encourages individuals to devote time to themselves and their yoga practice to spread their well-being further.

Why I wrote it: This book is a community project that includes dedicated yoga practitioners who for several years have undertaken a 21-day yoga challenge. Begun at the Kathleen Price Bryan Family YMCA in Greensboro, the book is dedicated to Y and profits from books sold at the Bryan Y will go to support its mission.

Other books I have had published: ”Lost: Reflections,” essay published by Medusa’s Laugh Press, 2017. “Poetry South,” poetry published by Mississippi University, 2016

Where (how) to buy my new book: Signing and launch at 7 p.m. March 1 at Scuppernong Books, Greensboro.


Author: Mary Flinn

City: Summerfield

Book title: “Lumina”

Publisher: Fiction Workx

What it’s about: Lumina transports the reader to the summer of 1928 to Wrightsville Beach where tourists, middle-class folks, and aristocrats alike are dancing the night away at the beachfront pavilion where they are falling in love — not only with each other but with the grand ballroom itself. Told in alternating sequences between modern-day friends and the newly discovered diary entries and old letters from young siblings on the brink of decadent change, Lumina becomes magic for anyone on the dance floor from eight until midnight. Kip and Sylvie are swept away until they realize that people are not always what they seem.

Why I wrote it: There have been few books to my knowledge that center around Lumina, known as “The Palace of Light” at the end of the Roaring Twenties. Ironically, during the editing stages of the book, Hurricane Florence was pommeling Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. I believe the town and the island deserve a look at their nostalgic diamond before it is forgotten completely. There was certainly a bit of magic in the air every Saturday night, when many a romance bloomed under the fluttering bunting. Most people enjoy a good love story with a few challenging twists and turns, so Lumina shouldn’t disappoint!

Other books I have had published: ”The One,” “Second Time’s a Charm,” “Three Gifts,” “A Forever Man,” “The Nest,” “Breaking Out,” “A Girl Like That” and “Allegiance.”

Where (how) to buy my new book:, and at Scuppernong Books. A free launch event will be at 5:30 p.m. April 2 at St. Francis Episcopal Church, 3506 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro.


Author: Casey Landreth

City: Gibsonville

Book title: “Ashbrooke City”

Publisher: Amazon

What it’s about: Among the scorched remains and snow-covered ruins of a once-great metropolis, the survivors of a collective known as West Camp brave the bitter cold, searching for humanity by the light of communal fires, governed by the rules of an archaic truce. But as their food stores run low and signs of an advance by the mysterious East Camp begin to emerge, self-proclaimed leader Cyrus will make a decision that exposes the true nature of a dying people. Only Sam, lone dissenter, will have the ability to sift through the wreckage. But secrets often have a steep price.

Why I wrote it: A friend planted the idea in my head one day and as I waded deeper into the water it became more and more apparent that this would need to take on a long-form of storytelling. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could write a novel.

Other books I have had published: This is my first.

Where (how) to buy my new book: At or search for it on Amazon. Kindle and paperback available.


Author: Jess B. Moore

City: Kernersville

Book title: “The Worth of a Penny”

Publisher: Crooked Cat Books

What it’s about: All of my currently published books are set in the fictional town of Fox River, N.C. A beautiful town in the Blue Ridge Mountains with an active community and too much gossip. You can expect to find weekly bluegrass jams, the annual Slip ‘N Slide festival every July, and the new Polar Cone Fest in February. Come for a visit and you’ll never want to leave!

Why I wrote it: I write to find out who I am, what I want, and where I could go — all through the guise of fiction. I write love stories because I believe in hope and happy endings.

Other books I have had published: “The Guilt of a Sparrow” is my debut novel combining interests in family, music, and small towns into a thoughtful tale of growing up and falling in love. My second book, “Fierce Grace,” follows similar themes in a whole new way, and can be read as a tie-in or stand-alone. “The Worth of a Penny” comes out on March 29.

Where (how) to buy my new book: On Amazon, as an e-book or paperback.

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