Gabby Brunache

Gabby Brunache

Samantha, Josh and Alyssa just grew dinosaur eggs that come from plants!

The three of them knew that Jake would not be happy. They all thought, "What have we done?!"

They had to do something with the eggs. Josh, Alyssa and Samantha went around the neighborhood to see if anyone wanted the dinosaur eggs. But like they thought, everyone said, "No!"

Some of the people passed out at the thought.

Plan B was to go into the city to find out what to do with eight dinosaur eggs.

They met a guy named Mr. Hopscotch. He is a paleontologist.

Mr. Hopscotch said, "I will pay you $500,000 for each egg!"

Samantha whipped out her phone, opened her calculator and did $500,000 x 8. It equaled "$4,000,000! Samantha then asked Mr. Hopscotch how much for the seeds. Then he said, "1,000 for each."

but Samantha, Josh and Alyssa decided to let Mr. Hopscotch have the seeds for free! They just wanted to get rid of the seeds, so they wouldn't have to deal with the same situation twice.

Samantha, Jake, Alyssa and Josh put $2,000,000 into savings, $1,000,000 into taxes, $500,000 split across relatives, $250,000 for families in need, and the final $250,000 for them to share out among the four of them.

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