DEAR DR. GRAHAM: My husband and I have decided our young son should be allowed to make up his own mind about religion when he grows up and not be forced into it, so we don't intend to send him to Sunday school. Don't you think it would be better for him to have his own convictions rather than just some beliefs that others told him? - Mrs. L.J.

DEAR MRS. L.J.: Certainly a person's beliefs should be a result of his own commitment.But I don't agree with your decision to deny religious training to your child.

We don't do this with our children in any other important area of life.

For example, you don't let your son play with matches or go out in the street, saying that you will just let him make up his own mind. Instead, you do all you can to keep him from those dangers.

Why keep from him the most important truth of life - that God loves him and has a purpose for his life?

By neglecting to talk with your child about religion you are teaching him anyway - that God must not be very important.

Your child needs the moral and spiritual foundations only Christ can give - to him and to you.

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