Danny Rogers

Danny Rogers

Name: Danny Rogers

Office sought: Guilford County sheriff

Lives in: Jamestown

Online: elect@dhrogersforsheriff.com

Age: 50

Profession: Owner, 3N1 Professional Services

Highest degree earned: Bachelor of science in criminal justice

Leadership experience: Community service, including serving on local boards such as the Carl Chavis YMCA, John Coltrane Jazz Festival, and Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation. High Point vice chairman for the African American Caucus; member of the Democratic State Executive Committee.


What is the greatest public safety threat now faced by the county and how would you handle it?: Domestic violence and drug abuse. I believe that we must get back to basics. I will run a department that will be visible in every community of Guilford County. I want to have school resource officers teaching students about avoiding drug use and crime.

The sheriff’s office and commissioners have occasionally clashed over the scope, cost and purpose of the county’s jail facilities. As sheriff, what do you want to accomplish with the county jails?: The current Sheriff’s Department has failed to utilize programs that were already paid for to their fullest extent. Unfortunately, the current sheriff felt the need to spend taxpayers’ dollars on ATVs safety training courses, instead of courses that would educate our teenagers and young adults about the pitfalls of drug use, and crime.

What role should the local sheriff’s department play in deciding who is issued a pistol permit?: Sheriff office should do criminal background checks locally and nationally on applicants that apply for pistol permits.

What role should the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office play in addressing illegal immigration?: I would first like to say that I will not condone racial profiling of any kind. However, through the course of a criminal investigation, if contact is made with an undocumented person who may have committed a criminal offense, as Sheriff I will follow protocol as outlined in the State and Federal law.

What is the best use of federal forfeiture funds the sheriff’s office gets from seizing property and money from drug dealers?: Education of teenagers and young adults regarding the harsh affects of drug use and abuse. Better training and equipment for officers to help aid them in the fight against the war on drugs.

What should be the role, if any, of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners in deciding how federal forfeiture money is spent?: As Sheriff of Guilford County I believe that the Sheriff’s Office and County Commissioners can work together and agree on programs and initiative that will best serve the citizens of this great county.

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