Sealed proposals will be received by Rockingham County Schools in the Operations and Logistics Conference Room located
at 511 Harrington Highway, Eden, NC 27288 up to 2:00 pm, on Thursday, September 19, 2019, and immediately thereafter
publicly opened and read for the furnishing of labor, material and equipment for Roof Replacement – Stoneville Elementary
School – Building 100.
The Work consists of Base Bid:
Base Bid: Removal and disposal of the existing roof down to the existing poyisocyanurate insulation. Additional securement
of the existing polyisocyanurate insulation to provide a substrate for a new fully adhered roof system. Installation of new
adhered tapered thermal insulation, adhered 1/2” insulation protection layer and adhered thermoplastic membrane. The
total roof area is approximately 230 squares.

Instructions to Bidders

Bids will be received for a single prime type contract. All proposals shall be a stipulated sum. All unit prices and addenda
shall be acknowledged. Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope marked in the lower left corner Bid for Stoneville
Elementary School - Building 100 Roof Replacement. Faxed or emailed proposals shall not be accepted. Bid security and
minority business participation (HUBSCO) forms shall be attached to the proposal.

Pre-Bid Meeting

A pre-bid meeting will be held for all invited contractors on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 2:00 PM at, Stoneville Elementary
School, 203 Stone Street, Stoneville, NC 27048 to examine existing conditions and dimensions.
The meeting will also address project specific questions, issues and bidding procedures.

Drawings and Documents

Complete plans, specifications and contract documents will be available electronically upon issuance of Notice to Bidders from the Owner and Engineer. Additional Plans and Specifications may be purchased at a cost of $50.00 per set of
Specifications and individual sheets may be purchased (non refundable) at $6.00 per sheet of drawings and $0.50 per
page of specifications.

Bid Bond

Each proposal shall be accompanied by a bid bond of five percent (5%) of the bid executed by a surety company licensed
under the laws of North Carolina conditioned that the surety will, upon demand, forthwith make payment to the obligee
upon said bond if the bidder fails to execute the contract in accordance with the bid bond. Said bond shall be claimed by
the owner as liquidated damages in event of failure of the successful bidder to execute the contract within ten days after
the award or to give satisfactory surety as required by law.

Minority Business Participation

NOTE: The bidder shall identify on its bid proposal the minority business participation it will use on the project (Identification of Minority Business Participation) form and shall include either Affidavit A or Affidavit B as applicable. Forms and
instructions are included within the Proposal Form in the bid documents. Failure to complete these forms is grounds for
rejection of the bid. (GS143-128.2c Effective 1/1/2002.)

License Requirement

All contractors are hereby notified that they must have proper license as required under the state laws governing their
respective trades.
General contractors are notified that Chapter 87, Article 1, General Statutes of North Carolina, will be observed in receiving
and awarding general contracts. General contractors submitting bids on this project must have proper license classification. NOTE: Under GS 87-1, a contractor that superintends or manages construction of any building, highway, public utility, grading, structure or improvement shall be deemed a “general contractor” and shall be so licensed. Therefore a single
prime project that involves other trades will require the single prime contractor to hold a proper General Contractors license.

Examination of Conditions

It is understood and mutually agreed that by submitting a bid the bidder acknowledges that he has carefully examined all
documents pertaining to the work, the location, accessibility and general character of the site of the work and all existing
buildings and structures within and adjacent to the site, and has satisfied himself as to the nature of the work, the condition
of existing buildings and structures, the conformation of the ground, the character, quality and quantity of the material to
be encountered, the character of the equipment, machinery, plant and any other facilities needed preliminary to and during
prosecution of the work, the general and local conditions, the construction hazards, and all other matters, including, but
not limited to, the labor situation which can in any way affect the work under contract, and including all safety measures
required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and all rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto. It is
further mutually agreed that by submitting a proposal the bidder acknowledges that he has satisfied himself as to the
feasibility and meaning of the plans, drawings, specifications and other contract documents for the construction of the
work and that he accepts all the terms, conditions and stipulations contained therein; and that he is prepared to work in
cooperation with other contractor performing work on the site.

Bulletins and Addenda

Any addenda to the specifications issued during the time of bidding are to be considered covered in the proposal and in
closing a contract they will become a part thereof. It shall be the bidder’s responsibility to ascertain prior to bid time the
addenda issued and to see that his bid includes any changes thereby required.
Should the bidder find discrepancies in, or omission from, the drawings or documents or should he be in doubt as to their
meaning, he shall at once notify the designer who will send written instructions in the form of addenda to all bidders.
Notification shall be no later than eight (8) days prior to the date set for receipt of bids. Neither the owner nor the designer
will be responsible for any oral instructions.
All addenda shall be acknowledged by the bidder(s) on the Form of Proposal.

Bond Requirement

A performance bond and a payment bond will be required for one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price if the total
Contract Sum equals or exceeds fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).


Payment will be made based on monthly estimates for satisfactorily completed work and stored materials. A retainage of
five percent [5%] shall be withheld from each payment in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 143-134.1. Final
payment shall be made upon completion and acceptance of work.

Bid Withdrawal

No bid may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for the receipt of bids for a period of 60 days except as
allowed by N.C.G.S. 143-129.1.


The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities.


Rockingham County Schools
511 Harrington Highway
Eden, NC 27288
336-342-8349 phone


SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
300 Pomona Drive
Greensboro, NC 27407
336-855-0993 phone


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