NOTICE OF OPPORTUNITY FOR PUBLIC HEARINGS TO DESIGNATE PORTIONS OF NC 68 and NC 65 IN GUILFORD and ROCKINGHAM COUNTIES AS A TWIN TRAILER ROUTE The North Carolina Department of Transportation proposes to designate NC 68 between US 220 and the Guilford County line in Rockingham County; NC 68 between the Rockingham County line and NC 65 (southern intersection); NC 65 between NC 68 and US 158 in Guilford County for use by truck tractors with twin trailers. This notice is to solicit interest in holding public hearings in Guilford and Rockingham Counties to provide for public comments regarding this designation proposal. Pursuant to §20-115.1 (g), the Department has determined that this route can safely accommodate and has sufficient capacity to handle these vehicle combinations, and that there is a public convenience and need for designation. Anyone desiring that a public hearing be held may make a request by email or letter to Daniell Bagley (, Traffic Safety Project Engineer, 1561 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1561 by July 5, 2019. If additional information is needed, contact Ms. Bagley at (919) 814-5000. For additional information regarding designation, please visit the following website: resources/safety/Teppl/Pages/ Teppl-Topic.aspx? Topic_List=T52