To the editor: We live in a sociaty in which the toy industry is a multimillion dollar business. Most toy makers do not have the welfare or the education of our children in mind; rather they are interested only in boosting their sales and increasing their profits by any means necessary.

Many toys on the market today are entirely unsuitable for children both in concept and content, and we consumers should not fall into the trap of being taken in by the advertisements and sleek merchandising of the toy manufacturers.

We may think of toys as the means by which children, through play, learn to handle objects, find out about their environment and develop skills, imagination and creativity.Toy weapons and war-type toys in the hands of small, unsupervised children only result in expressions of unchanneled violence. Don't let your child pretend killing is fun. Our aim in providing our children with playthings should be helping them to handle material objects, learn new skills and develop their minds as well as to entertain them in ways that are good and positive.

Words, mental images and experiences make us what we are. Therefore, we make an appeal to everyone to join in with us in our efforts to save our youth by buying them skill-building and educational toys, especially during the gift-giving days of seasonal observances.

Shams Abdul-Rahman Danville, Va.

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