NATION & WORLD\ U.S.-Russian agreements usher in era of goodwill

President Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed several accords Wednesday, including a treaty to decrease the number of deployed nuclear weapons by two-thirds. During the three-day summit in Washington, the leaders also reached agreements on investments, space, scientific and military cooperation.Also at the summit, Yeltsin said ``it's very possible' that American war prisoners are alive in Russia. Bush said he would send an envoy to Moscow to follow leads on Americans lost in World War II and the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

Weinberger is indicted on charges of perjury

Former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger was indicted Tuesday on charges of making false statements and obstructing the congressional investigation of the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages affair.

Bush expected to nix abill easing voter registration

A bill that makes it simpler for Americans to register to vote was approved by the House Tuesday, but President Bush is expected to veto the measure. The bill requires states to register voters by mail and when they apply for driver's licenses or government benefits.

Court says kidnapping of Mexican doctor is legal

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the government may kidnap foreign criminals in order to bring them to trial in the United States. The decision allows officials to prosecute a Mexican doctor in the torture of a U.S. drug agent.

TRIAD & STATE\ Expelled Baptist church rethinks its stand on gays

Members of Binkley Memorial Baptist Church, expelled by the Southern Baptist Convention for its views on homosexuality, voted Sunday to reconsider its statement that a person's sexual preference should not be considered in the ordination process.

Bill would let businesses move into state prisons

A bill before the General Assembly would allow businesses to set up plants at state prisons and use inmates for labor. Part of the wages earned by the inmates would be paid as restitution to the victims of their crimes, part to the state for room and board and part to cover state and federal taxes.

Baptist Lawmaker pushes bill aiding little breweries

State Rep. Coy Privette of Kannapolis is an unlikely champion of increased beer production at mini-breweries. Privette, a Baptist minister, sponsored an amendment raising the annual production limit on small brewers from 62,000 to 310,000 gallons. It was passed by the House Wednesday.

Resignation prompts call for lobbying regulations

The director of the N.C. Division of Environmental Management resigned Friday, becoming one of several environmental officials who have left the state's employ to work for private concerns. Environmentalists are calling for laws to keep former officials from becoming lobbyists for the industries they used to regulate.

Former Helms' aides feel vindicated by POW report

Former aides to Sen. Jesse Helms were fired early this year after completing and circulating a report contending that the Soviet Union still held American war prisoners. They say they feel vindicated by Russian President Boris Yeltsin's admission that the Soviet Union may be holding U.S. POWs. Former aide James Lucier said Thursday that he thinks he was fired because of a U.S. cover up; officials say the aides were fired ``for the good of the country.'

State shows an increase in non-English speakers

In the past decade, a large part of the state's population growth has been people from other countries. In fact, the 1990 census shows that 4 percent of North Carolinians speak languages other than English at home.

SPORTS\ Chicago beats Portland to win NBA championship

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Portland Trailblazers 97-93 to win a second consecutive NBA championship Sunday. North Carolina's Michael Jordan was named Most Valuable Player for the series.

Ex-State coach Valvano diagnosed with cancer

Former N.C. State basketball coach Jim Valvano has been diagnosed with cancer, ESPN sports network reported Thursday.

Hornets coach Bristow signs long-term contract

Charlotte Hornets head coach Allan Bristow signed a contract Tuesday that will keep him with the NBA franchise through the 1996-97 season.

YESTERDAY'S SCORES\ SAL: Greensboro 4, Fayetteville 2

Baseball: Atlanta 2, Cincinnati 1 (10)\ Montreal 2, Pittsburgh 1\ Seattle 1, Minnesota 0\ Baltimore 10, N.Y. Yankees 7\ Kansas City 11, Toronto 4


Scott Schoeller was a star runner at Western Guilford High School when his troubled mind fashioned a fantasy world that made no sense at all. He's now five months into his recovery.

BUSINESS\ Greensboro's Cone Mills once again on Wall Street

Cone Mills stock began trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange for $10 a share. Cone, based in Greensboro, is the world's largest producer of demin. The company received permission from the Securities Exchange Commission to issue 6 million shares of common stock in order to reduce the company's debt.

UCB settles lawsuit filed as result of Kenyon fraud

United Carolina Bank has agreed to pay $900,000 to settle a suit brought by the bankruptcy trustee for Kenyon Home Furnishings of Thomasville.

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