The next time you see one of the football coaches from Page or Grimsley high school, stop him and say thanks. These dedicated men gave up their Thanksgiving holidays so that their teams would be ready for the Friday night game. They did a fine job.

At a time when many people are saying negative things about young people, the 11,000 fans (young and old) who were in attendance saw two football teams give their best to this great American sport.While we might wish that both teams, Page and Grimsley, could have been winners on the score board, we realize that in numbers of ways they are winners in the truest sense, through and through. They are winners in the sense that they gave their very best. So it becomes clear that football is but one of many opportunities provided our youth by the taxpayers of this community to learn through the great lessons of cooperative endeavor, of teamwork, fair play, persistence, discipline, dedication, strategy and more.

Lem Cox Greensboro

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