School board members and superintendents from across North Carolina called this weekend for an end to principal tenure and for an appointed, rather than elected, state school superintendent.

The N.C. School Boards Association, which ended its annual meeting Saturday in Charlotte, also continued its opposition to tuition tax credits or vouchers for private schools.The end to principal tenure is a growing controversy as parents get more involved in their children's schools.

``We are actively pursuing removal of principal tenure,' said outgoing association President Jim Mebane of Guilford County. ``We are not actively seeking removal of teacher tenure.'

Mebane, who did not run for re-election to the Guilford County Board of Education this year, said principals should be granted a four-year contract, similar to one for superintendents. Already tenured principals would not be affected by the new rule, he said.

In addition to favoring an appointed state school superintendent, another much-debated idea, the association called for reorganizing the State Board of Education.

The association wants some of the board's 11 members named by the General Assembly. All now are appointed by the governor.

The school board association also made funding the annual $80 million Basic Education Plan its top legislative spending priority in the 1991 General Assembly.

The plan and other education programs face a difficult year, with a state budget shortage of nearly a billion dollars and debate already swirling about a tax increase.

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