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Rich Swor at the completion of the 5000 Mile Run Club's 16,151st lap of a continuous relay, pushing the team past the previously acknowledged world best of 4,014.52 miles by the I Move London relay in 2018. 

Updates at 3:55 p.m. with comments from the organizer of the previous longest continuous relay:

In the earliest hours of this morning, organizer Rich Swor ran the 5000 Mile Run Club past the world's acknowledged longest distance for a continuous relay.

Swor, who ran the event's maiden 400-meter lap starting at 8 a.m. April 15, crossed the start-finish line at 1:22 a.m. on the team's 16,151st lap, which moved the Run Club past a London relay run total of 4,014.52 miles in 2018.

After his record lap, Swor yielded the track at Northern Guilford High School to Simon Cloutier, who continued the team's quest to reach 5,000 miles. The Run Club, which has had a runner circling the track inside Johnny Roscoe Stadium on a 24-hour basis, expects to reacah that milestone early Monday. 

"It's really hard not to go fast with a crowd," said Swor, who was joined by a small handful of teammates and one spectator who wanted to see a record set. "Were we entertaining, at least?

"I was having a rough last couple of days," Swor said. 'But every time I come out here with this group and get to do this with them, it's rejuvenating. It's amazing. It's all about the group."

The I Move London relay, totaling 30 days and nights, featured more than 2,000 runners, raising money for charity and building community, according to a Runner's World story. The Run Club reached the London mileage total in 20 days, 17 hours and 22 minutes.

"Incredible stuff! You super stars!!!!!" Danny Bent, the I Move London organizer, wrote in an email to a reporter this afternoon regarding the 5000 Mile Run Club. 

"I haven't heard of anyone breaking our record, so I reckon it's yours. It's a little harder to get it verified by the Guinness World Records  as they require it to be filmed 24/7. But who cares about them! You've smashed it!!"

I Move London surpassed the Guinness world record, set in 2012, of 3,504.28 miles over 18 days by runners in Northern Ireland, and the Run Club topped that distance Sunday morning after 18 days and 40 minutes on the track. Because of Guinness' cost and videography requirements, the Run Club has not sought to attain official world record status for its distance. 

Swor, with assistance from his wife, Libby, and runners Danny McCormick and Jody Nelson, hatched the idea amid the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to help runners who had trained for races maintain fitness, to provide a unique goal and to build camaraderie even during a unique time of social distancing.

The 48 runners, most of whom are from Guilford County and are finishers of multiple ultramarathons or marathons, have signed up for blocks of 30 minutes to 2½ hours based on their availability. In fact, Swor's appearance on the track for the record-breaking lap was coincidental though not surprising since he is one of three runners, along with Darian Smith and Nelson, to have logged more than 200 miles in the relay and to have put in much of that time at night.

As part of social distancing, a second runner is permitted at the track only in the 10 minutes before he or she is scheduled to run. Because ankle timing chips are used instead of a traditional baton, there is no contact between runners on the track.

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