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The Race Series, hosted by Junction 311 Endurance Sports, will continue in 2019.

The Race Series, put on by Junction 311 Endurance Sports and sponsored by Omega Sports, will honor its 2018 award winners at a banquet Monday night at Pig Pounder Brewery in Greensboro.

A look back at the overall leaders in the series and the age-group champions:



1. Danny McCormick, Greensboro

2. Kenton Stamey, Greensboro

3. Mark Wells, Greensboro


1. Alicia Rider, Winston-Salem

2. Anna Spivey, Greensboro

3. Beth Warren, Browns Summit

Age groups


25-29: Mark Wells, Greensboro

30-34: Michael Wright, Greensboro

35-39: Raghu Divi, Greensboro

40-44: Danny McCormick, Greensboro

45-49: Greg Bunting, Greensboro

50-54: Ronald Hooijschuur, Greensboro

55-59: Kenton Stamey, Greensboro

65-69: Bill Sutton, Greensboro

70-74: Carl Cook, Greensboro

75-99: Frank Smith, Greensboro


20-24: Taylor Hogan, Summerfield

30-34: Anna Spivey, Greensboro

35-39: Alicia Rider, Winston-Salem

40-44: Nora Soler, Greensboro

45-49: Bebe Ramzah, Greensboro

50-54: Beth Warren, Browns Summit

55-59: Jane Braswell, Asheboro

60-64: Susan Sutton, Greensboro

65-69: Carol Bernstorf, Greensboro

75-99: Angela Staab, Reidsville

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