The question that keeps haunting me in the case of the 28-yearold woman who was found hanging in a jail cell in Texas: What if this had been my wife or my daughter on someone else I loved?

How could a failure to signal a lane change lead to this? (In Greensboro we would fill the jails if neglecting to signal a lane change were treated with such seriousness.)

Why would the officer threaten because she refused his order to put out her cigarette?

While it is premature to speculate on whether Sandra Bland killed herself in her jail cell what in the name of all that is fair and decent was she doing in jail in the first place?

If this were my loved one, arrested over a signal, or a refusal to put out a cigarette, I’d be incensed.

Even though it’s not, I’m incensed.

The trooper was overbearing and overreacted.

She was not a threat. He was not in danger.

Yet he told her “I’ll ight you up” with his Taser.

Because he didn’t like her attitude.

I’ve seen white males wave guns in defiance at authorities and be treated with more respect.

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