Univ. of Louisville removing Papa John's from stadium name (copy)

The University of Louisville has had its share of issues lately. It fired men's basketball coach Rick Pitino after a federal investigation turned up evidence of corruption and bribes. The university announced Friday that it would remove the Papa John's name from its football stadium (above, in 2016) after pizza chain founder John Schnatter used a racial slur in an interview. And the Chronicle of Higher Education reported Sunday that former university president James Ramsey collected $4.29 million for working for only 27 days in the 2017 fiscal year.

The Chronicle is out today with its annual list of salaries paid to presidents and chancellors of public universities and university systems. Some highlights:

• 12 college leaders were paid more than $1 million in fiscal 2017, which ended June 30, 2017. A year ago, it was eight. None of those 12 lead UNC System schools.

• Clocking in at No. 13 overall: UNC System President Margaret Spellings, who was paid $977,077 in fiscal 2016. Most of that amount ($775,000) was salary, but Spellings also got a $45,000 bonus and $122,500 in “other pay,” which the Chronicle says is a deferred payment into a retirement program.

• Elsewhere in North Carolina, the highest-paid UNC System chancellors are N.C. State’s Randy Woodson ($826,136) and UNC-Chapel Hill’s Carol Folt ($605,104). Woodson was paid significantly more because N.C. State’s foundation gave him a $200,000 bonus.

• No. 1 on the Chronicle's list is former University of Louisville president James Ramsey, who was paid $4.29 million. But here’s the kicker: He was employed at U of L for just 27 days of that fiscal year. In that short time, Ramsey collected a ton of deferred compensation, plus a settlement, as the university was pushing him out the door for a long list of, well, stuff. Ramsey, meanwhile, is being sued by the university and its foundation for (allegedly) misspending the endowment. Ramsey was in court last month asking for the suit to be tossed.

• A P.S. to the previous bullet: The Chronicle said Ramsey’s one-year haul was the second-largest among public university presidents since 2010. The all-time high came in fiscal 2013, when E. Gordon Gee took home $5.03 million in his final year at The Ohio State University.

• Average presidential pay was nearly $560,000. That’s up 5 percent from last year.

• Locally, UNCG’s Frank Gilliam was paid $434,998, and N.C. A&T’s Harold Martin was paid $380,210. They don’t make as much as the chancellors of the larger UNC-Charlotte and East Carolina, but both are paid more than the leaders of all the other UNC System schools not mentioned here or above.

• One caveat to all of this: Some of the UNC System numbers in the Chronicle report are out of date. The UNC Board of Governors in December (in fiscal year 2018, in other words) gave raises of 2.5 to 5 percent to most UNC chancellors. Gilliam and Martin both got 2.5 percent bump. Folt got a 6.1 percent raise to bring her base pay even with Woodson’s ($632,810). Smart money is on their salaries going up again in the new fiscal year, which started July 1.

If you want to see the whole Chronicle report, click here. There are a lot of numbers, graphs and sortable charts to keep you occupied for a few moments today. Here's more from the N&O.

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