GREENSBORO - The Steve Harvey Burger got a thumbs-up from its famous namesake today in Greensboro.

“Next time I come through, I’m coming through with my crew,” said the stand-up comedian, game- and talk-show host, who stopped by Big Burger Spot for lunch today.

The visit was prompted by a question Big Burger Spot owner Guy Bradley posed to Harvey during a recent taping of an episode of the “Steve Harvey” television show.

Bradley said he had received a call from the show, saying they had heard about his burger restaurants at 510-A Nicholas Road and 3750-A Battleground Ave.

In the episode, filmed in January, Talitha Vickers of local NBC affiliate WXII hosted a remote segment of “Ask Steve” via satellite from Greensboro, with Bradley and two others posing questions to Harvey back in Chicago.

Bradley asked Harvey: “If we were going to build the ultimate burger for you, Steve, what would we put on your fresh-baked brioche bun?”

Harvey replied with gusto, “I need two all-beef patties. I need two slices of white cheese. The cheese must be white. There is no such thing as orange milk. I need slices of raw onion. I like pickles. I gots to have extra mayo. And then I want you to take some steak fries and put it on top of all of that.”

Bradley told Harvey to come to Greensboro, and he’d build his burger.

So Bradley created the Steve Harvey Burger. He even created a special dressing for Harvey’s steak fries.

Harvey kept his word and today the celebrity stopped by the restaurant at Nicholas Road to meet fans and grab a Steve Harvey Burger.

Harvey was on his way to host a local edition of his “Ask Steve” segment at High Point University.

Harvey was served his signature burger while fans gathered around and took photos.

After the first bite, Harvey gave Bradley a high five.

“Once I tell a man I’m going to do it, I gotta do it,” Harvey said.

Harvey’s flight from Chicago ran late, but fans waited patiently.

Ronald Wall was among those waiting for Harvey’s arrival.

Wall says he is a regular customer and usually orders the Pimento Cheese Burger with cheese fries.

“Today, I tried the Harvey Burger,” Wall said as he held a basket with the double patty burger and a side of fries.

Bradley had a poster of The Steve Harvey Burger made for the occasion. The poster was printed by Fortuna Enterprises, which also roasts coffee beans. Nasi Kajana, vice-president of Fortuna, presented Harvey with two bags of special edition Steve Harvey coffee beans.

Before going into the restaurant, Harvey also made a surprise visit to Slams Barbershop, just four doors down from the restaurant. The visit was purely on impulse and the guys in the shop were delighted when Harvey took a chair.

“It was a unique experience,” says Delmar Little, owner of Slams. “He threw out a few jokes, shook some hands and autographed our wall.”

Bradley says he sold about 40 or 50 Steve Harvey Burgers today and plans to add it to the menu.

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