Krave Kava Bar

Krave Kava Bar in Greensboro.

GREENSBORO — Krave Kava Bar has opened at 202 Exchange Place next to the Carolina Theatre

Krave serves kava, kratom tea, yerba mate and other root and tea beverages in an island vibe-infused, alcohol-free atmosphere.

It is the second location for Krave. Krave's flagship lounge opened in Carrboro in 2015.

"We’re excited to be opening our second Krave in Greensboro," owner Elizabeth Gardner said. "We’ve met so many great people from this area who have enjoyed kava with us at our original location in Carrboro, and we hope to meet many more who would enjoy an alternative entertainment option to bars selling alcohol."

Kava is indigenous to the islands in the South Pacific, including Fiji and Vanuatu, where locals drink it to relax. Kratom is native to Southeast Asia, and Yerba Mate has been consumed as a social drink in South America for centuries. Krave has numerous flavored mates on the menu.

Krave takes its inspiration from the laid back lifestyle of the South Pacific Islands. The resin floor inside Krave Greensboro resembles the deep blue water of the South Pacific, but the interior evokes an upscale club atmosphere.

The shop offers free Wi-Fi and electric outlets at the bar for work or study.

Krave is open noon to midnight seven days a week.

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