227 S. Elm St.

227 S. Elm St.

GREENSBORO - The Table (www.thetablefarmbakery.com), a bakery and eatery, espresso bar and market at 139 S. Church St. in Asheboro, hopes to breath life back into a former bakery space at 227 S. Elm St.

The site is familiar to many as two previous bakeries, Simple Kneads and Loaf.

“We’re not Loaf. We’re not Simple Kneads. We’re going to provide something different,” says Dustie Gregson, owner of The Table.

Gregson opened The Table over two years ago in a historic building in downtown Asheboro – a building she says she fell instantly in love with and put a great deal of her own time and resources into.

The bakery is known for its sandwiches on freshly-baked European-style bread, soups and salads, breakfast pastries and espressos.

But Gregson says they have outgrown the kitchen in Asheboro and she began exploring the possibility of opening a commissary in Greensboro.

After taking a look at the alleyway space in downtown Greensboro, she realized what a unique spot it is and said to herself, “This has got to be a bakery.”

“It has the same feel as what we did in Asheboro,” Gregson says. “It’s just a quaint little spot.”

Gregson envisions the shop as a take-out only bakery, market and espresso bar.

But she has only begun to consider what she wants to bring to downtown Greensboro.

“I don’t rush into things. When I open, I want to be ready. I want it to do well.”

Gregson says she hopes to have the bakery open by March.

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