Hanes Mall Macy's(online)

Macy’s Inc. announced, Tuesday, Jan 7, that its Hanes Mall store will be closing.

Macy’s Co. confirmed Thursday that the clearance sale at its Hanes Mall store will begin Monday.

The sore is among 29 being closed nationwide in a restructuring round that began in August 2016. The Macy’s at Friendly Center in Greensboro is not closing.

The starting percentage of discounts “will vary by merchandise,” said Jacqueline King, Macy’s director of media relations for its South region.

“During the sale, customers will be able to use their Macy’s card and gift cards.”

Macy’s projects the clearance sale will take eight to 12 weeks to complete.

The company said an exact closing date for the store has not been set and will depend mostly on the success of the clearance sale.

The three-level Macy’s store is 151,415 square feet, and the overall property contains 9.68 acres when including its parking lot. Macy’s owns the property.

The Hanes Mall Macy’s is the only one closing in North Carolina.

In addition to Macy’s Friendly Center in Greensboro, the retailer retains two stores in both Charlotte and Raleigh and one each in Durham and Fayetteville.




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