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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro in June 

Donald Trump is president-elect.

He beat the odds to a pulp and shook the establishment.

He sent the pollsters running for cover with their algorithms between their legs.

And he won fair and square, energizing legions of followers who had told us so.

So, why are so many of them so angry?

Many of the calls I’ve received from Trump supporters have not been happy victors.

They’ve been seething with rage.

They claim unfair treatment and bias.

They still attack Barack Obama.

They still attack Hillary Clinton.

One caller demanded to know why Clinton is not getting the same scrutiny as Trump.

That’s easy. Trump won. Hillary lost.

He is the president-elect. She is a private person.

He is about to be handed the keys to the country.

She isn’t.

Trump necessarily will dominate the headlines in the days and weeks to come as he rounds out his staff and cabinet.

And, as an editorial staff, we will be compelled to comment on his picks, good, bad and indifferent.

Further, this is a president who, by choice, is making headlines beyond the standard reasons.

As I told one reader: We keep running cartoons and editorials about him because he keeps doing stuff. Especially in 3 a.m. posts on Twitter:

Among those tweets in the last few days, he …

Said he wants to put flag burners in jail.

questioned the outcome of the popular vote, asserting that he would have won the popular vote if not for widespread fraud, but providing not one iota of evidence.

Challenged media who question that statement to prove a negative by providing their own evidence that he’s wrong about voter fraud (isn’t that sort of like accusing your spouse of being unfaithful and demanding that he or she furnish the proof that you’re wrong?)

Castigated the cast of “Hamilton for its comments toward Vice President-elect Mike Pence and demanded an apology.

We can’t NOT write about these things. It's our job.

I agree that Mr. Trump ought to be covered fairly and accurately.

That means we also ought to give him credit for his accomplishments.

But that doesn’t mean that the media should look the other way when missteps.

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