Forget awards shows. Celebrities won the hearts of the public with savvy decisions. Paris Hilton's "that's hot" word choice sizzled while Teri Hatcher shone after leaving Radio Shack for the seedy suburbs. But for every delicious winner, there's a stomach-turning loser. We're tired of Donald Trump's "you're fired" and prefer Sarah Jessica Parker in Manolo pumps instead of Gap scarves.

Here's who illuminated 2004's pop culture landscape - and who didn't.Winner: Jessica Simpson

Loser: Ashlee Simpson

Winner: "Spider-Man"

Loser: "Catwoman"

Winner: Teri Hatcher, who went from Radio Shack ads to "Desperate Housewives"

Loser: Sarah Jessica Parker, who went from "Sex and the City" to Gap ads

Winner: Jay-Z, who has a concert tours and Beyonce.

Loser: R. Kelly, who has neither.

Winner: Kevin Federline, Britney Spears' current husband

Loser: Jason Allen Alexander, Britney Spears' quickie hubby

Winner: Charla Faddoul, dubbed the "little one" on "The Amazing Race"

Loser: Stacie J. Upchurch, dubbed the "crazy one" on "The Apprentice"

Winner: P. Diddy, who ran the New York City Marathon

Loser: P. Diddy, who didn't motivate enough youngsters to run to the polls

Winner: Hobbits ("Lord of the Rings")

Loser: Puppets ("Team America," "Seed of Chucky")

Winner: "Lost"

Loser: "The Real Gilligan's Island"

Winner: Jamie Foxx, as Ray Charles.

Loser: Kevin Spacey, as Bobby Darin

Winner: "CSI"

Loser: J. Lo

Winner: "That's hot."

Loser: "You're fired."

Winner: Celebrity baby names

Loser: Celebrity babies

Winner: Kirstie Alley, gained weight and her own reality show.

Loser: Anna Nicole Smith, lost weight and her own reality show.

Winner: iPod

Loser: "I, Robot"


Jessica Simpson


Teri Hatcher




Ashlee Simpson


Sarah Jessica Parker

R. Kelly

"I, Robot"

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