Kat Bodrie Cropped for Real

Winston-Salem calls itself the City of Arts and Innovation.

That basically covers everything: industry, research, creativity. But they don’t have a monopoly on these things. There’s plenty of all three right here in Greensboro.

Why don’t we think of art as an integral part of the Gate City? We’ve got the Weatherspoon Art Museum, the eclectic Elsewhere museum and artist residency, GreenHill, and N.C. A&T’s The Artist Bloc. There’s Triad Stage, Barn Dinner Theatre, the Community Theatre of Greensboro, the Greensboro Cultural Center, and even High Point Theatre right down the road. And everywhere you turn, there’s street art.

This month, we covered Greensboro Beautiful’s art events, the N.C. Dance Festival’s winning choreographers, Tristin Miller’s visual art and community projects, Brian Lampkin’s new book, two of the acts performing at the free North Carolina Folk Festival — and more.

Our city’s got it all. So why do people go elsewhere for art or think it’s not here?

In my view, branding is everything. Until now, Greensboro’s been known for its mills and production, athletics and education, civil rights and GHOE. I hereby propose we rebrand as the City of Culture.

So go out this month and see a show, buy a book by a local author, or visit a museum. Use our issue to get ideas for future outings. Participating in the arts bolsters our culture, making our city even more awesome than it is already.

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