It wasn’t a conventional wedding dress but neither was the bride. The bride was none other than Vanessa Ferguson, a semi-finalist singer on “The Voice.”

So naturally, she met her husband-to-be doing what she does best — singing and performing.

Ferguson was performing with a band at the Renaissance Club in downtown Greensboro when a mutual friend introduced her to Kenneth Fuller, another musician. Fuller was immediately smitten, and he kept showing up at her performances. One night she relented and accepted a ride home from him after the show.

They started seeing each other every day but life was busy for the two musicians. Ferguson was on tour, often gone for months at a time so the two “dated on the road” for several years. In 2015, she continued to travel around the globe but managed to come home in time for Christmas.

“I love travel and seeing the world but I don’t like being gone from home for long periods,” says Ferguson. “My loved ones come first; career is second.”

Turns out, Christmas would be extra special that year. She just didn’t know it yet.

“I knew after he asked me three times to check my stocking that something was up,” Ferguson says.

When she found a ring in her stocking, Fuller got down on one knee and proposed.

The couple’s life changed when the casting company of “The Voice” reached out with an audition offer; she made it through the blind audition with flying colors, and began a long, nearly six-month journey that kept her based in Los Angeles.

It was now 2016 and impossible to plan a wedding with the demanding television schedule. She did well on the competition and made it to the semi-finals before being eliminated.

“I was relieved when my time there was over so I could go home,” Ferguson says.

It was now time to plan a wedding — and they got it done with in months’ time. And as luck would have it, on a trip to NYC, Ferguson was seated beside celebrity stylist Sharon Gray, who led her to the perfect dress in a Queens boutique.

The wedding day, October 21, 2017, finally arrived. An audible gasp was heard when Ferguson walked down the aisle in her red dress, a signal of more unconventional things to come. Guests were later treated to a concert by the bride with additional vocalists. It was more than a wedding — it was a beautiful reunion at the Dynacon Event Center complete with exceptional music and food.

The couple’s honeymoon was also planned during a whirlwind timespan — literally a week before the wedding. They stayed at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

Today, the couple has settled into domestic life after buying a house the same year they were wed. Ferguson (who goes by Ferguson-Fuller when not performing) is recording music and hinted at big things in the works. But her advice to others (and herself) is simple.

“I learned to go with the flow, be open, and listen more,” she says.

It seems to be working.

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