Gracie Reading

A Triad student reads to get ready for the school year.

Summer's almost over, but there's plenty to do to get ready for the school year — and we aren't talking about buying new clothes or devices. Get ahead of the curve with these tips.

Start reading two weeks before school starts.

Breaks are good for the brain, but too much means you’ll forget what you learned. Study up on last year’s notes, and go to the library to choose your own books to read — not too hard and not too easy. Reading something every day increases your stamina to read. If you aren’t used to it, read for three minutes at a time, and increase that amount as you go.

Start a journal.

Maybe writing isn’t your thing. It gets easier, though, if you do a little every day. Keeping a journal can improve your writing skills and might make you like writing more. Your journal is your own, so don’t show it to anyone. Do whatever you want with it: Write about your day, your dreams, what you think about your favorite movies and TV shows, what happened to you last week, something you’re going through right now, etc. Doodle in the margins, if you’d like!

Get used to waking up early again.

You might have gotten used to sleeping in this summer. If you have to get up earlier for school, try waking up a little earlier each day. That way, you won’t have to suddenly get up two hours early on your first day of school — and feel exhausted all day! Keeping the blinds or curtains cracked open can help you adjust.

Come up with a homework game plan.

If you’re old enough, set your own post-school schedule. Decide when you want to play, when you want to eat dinner, and when you want to do homework. If a caregiver or sibling goes to school, too, you can do homework at the same time.

Go outside.

Make the most of your last days of summer by playing or sitting outside. The sun helps us make vitamin D and makes us feel better emotionally, but it’s important to wear sunscreen if you’ll be out for long, like to swim. Don’t forget to spend time outside every day, even after school starts. It’ll feel good after being stuck inside for a while!

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