Katlyn Proctor (left) and Kat Bodrie pet cats during a Healing Vibes by Lana yoga session at Crooked Tails Cat Cafe.

Patio season, the best time of the year, is officially here. There’s something to be said about downtown Greensboro coming out of hibernation; the warm tendrils of big, spring breezes has awakened Elm Street. The patios are officially out and sidewalks have filled up with humans and their canine pals. It’s a lively scene, with everyone regaling a sense of camaraderie no longer suppressed due to the winter blues.

Simply put: It’s great to be outdoors again.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a yoga class at Crooked Tail Cat Café led by Healing Vibes by Lana after learning about their organization in our Inaugural Pet Issue last month. While the yoga wasn’t outside, it was great to watch folks milling about, walking up and down the street, and congregating — you guessed it — on patios. Me and my friend, Kat, popped over to Horigan’s House of Taps after yoga to finish the evening with a glass of sauvignon blanc.

It was the perfect way to end a Wednesday night.

In the June issue of 1808, we wanted to encourage our readers to boost their serotonin levels by spending some time in the sun (with sunscreen, please) and surrounded by the beauty of nature. This month’s content is full of ideas that will get you outside and exploring.

So be sure to head outside before the temperature gets too high — and enjoy every second of it.

In happiness and health,


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